Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

Despite Marc by Marc Jacobs being the least premium of his design projects (see Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs line) this latest offering to the fashion world was a lot of fun and continues the ongoing trend of reinventing vintage styled clothing. Nostalgia seems lost on an older generation, I know my mother hates throwbacks and general vintage trends appearing in department stores and shops everywhere but I still love the unveiling of a youth culture revolving around diners, cherry pie and milkshakes. I must admit, the 1950s isn't my favorite era when I hunt for vintage clothing on sites like Etsy- but that's mainly due to a bias for tiny waistlines. But maybe I would like wearing clothes akin to Sandy from Grease? Maybe there's just not an opportunity for people who don't search hard enough or aren't engaged by the mod/ reinvention of the modern housewife image. Well let me just say before I get in touch with my inner Rita the riveter, let's hit the pool first!

Although I've made it a personal mission to avoid wearing cotton polo shirts for several years now, I kind of admire the sock/ sandal combination and the wrapping of colorful garments at the waist. The addition of small, probably overlooked accessories adds eccentricity to what would otherwise be a dull outfit. But like I said, I resent polo shirts now. I wore them too much at the age of twelve so they remind me of my crippling social awkwardness as a pre-teen and they just seem too fixed in a certain, often exclusive social niche. You know, rich people hanging at the country club with their valet parking who play croquet or polo on the weekends. Or, as I see it, a strange fantasy land only fit for straight white cis people and their families. Don't let my bitter social commentary weigh you down, aside from what may be a very safe, albeit appropriately themed piece for a resort collection I did like the picnic skirt, see-through handbags and thick gaudy socks with brogues and platform sandals. I never could stay away from statement hosiery and socks (something my mother swears is a Japanese influence).

While it seems totally unrealistic for me to spend my time mooning over swimsuits with six more weeks of Winter left, I can't help but feel optimistic when there's a great range of prints inspired by the 1980s and 1960s. Watching Ghost World and browsing the Urban Outfitters website at 3am has also convinced me that owning a vinyl record player might be a good investment for aesthetic appeal. We have a bunch of records already lying around the house from my father's collection but JB Hi-Fi are also selling new artists choosing to release on vinyl, such as old school Nirvana and newer tunes from Grimes. While I am very tempted, they're all so expensive. Anyway, the point of all that jabbering is to discuss these three outfits and how they match the catwalk and pale-Christmas/ 1950s skyscrapers from Los Angeles vibes Tavi discussed on Style Rookie oh so long ago. But the patterns are as fun as the colors themselves, which is a nice contrast against such grown-up high heel sandals and turban/ wrap scarves I'm more used to associating with volunteers in church-based charity shops and choirs. 

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