Wednesday, July 17, 2013

John Lemon

Wearing: vintage straw hat, Karen Walker sunglasses, DIY hello kitty brooch, mushroom bead from etsy (ginette pomette), thrifted floral blouse, thrifted tartan trousers, Rubi shoes platforms.

This outfit is actually a crazily accurate representation of what my little character in Animal Crossing has been wearing lately (sorry if I keep blathering on about that game too much!). This is the second blouse I scored from thrift shopping while on vacation- I initially thought it was black on white, which would have made it the perfect monochrome mod piece but I still totally dig the floral pattern. I thought it was from the 1950s when I formed my first impression but the subtle shoulder pads made me realize it was more akin to the 1980s. Whatever, I'll just pluck those puppies out from the shoulders and turn them into little hats as I always do. I just finished watching Ghost World, hence the sudden endorsement of my plain pants yet again, plus the top makes me feel like the moon-eyed art teacher Enid has to deal with in summer school. The finishing touches were round framed glasses since I don't have a collection of cool reading glasses at my disposal (curse this 20/20 vision!) but it did lend a certain vintage tone about the entire narrative. I hope everyone is enjoying being on holidays like I am!


  1. love the trousers, they're amazing!


  2. Great blog!
    I love your pants they're really cool.