Sunday, July 21, 2013

Diary Queen

For those of you who missed out the first time around, I've dedicated my spare time to my collage book and aesthetic journal for the past few weeks, replacing the time I would otherwise spend scrawling the Internet, other people's blogs, Tumblr and Facebook. But you know what? A lot of the people I went to school with are boring, reposting pornographic material at four in the afternoon isn't what I'm looking for as I eat my after school sandwich and I think I'm more interesting than I let on. Also hoarding copious amounts of newspapers, magazines and random pamphlets isn't a healthy habit to develop as I mentally prepare to move out of my parents' house so this is the least painful way to part with my magazine collection, the creative way to clean my room and a general excuse to buy lots of cute stickers.

At the moment I feel quite shy and almost vulnerable including chunks of my handwriting so I'll admit it hasn't quite captured the personal touch I'm after but the photographs included were all taken by me, a lot of my favorite shots from high school. There's everything from scraps of material, fifteen years old unicorn lolly bags to University magazine publications and my own interpretation of popular culture cartoons. In a vague way it encompasses a jumbled representation of my life history across a whole range of levels from important personal relationship mementos to very brief articles I read. My love of fashion hasn't been conveyed very well, but with all this criticism in mind I know what to include in the next issue.

All this sounds very ambitious for someone who still has three science assignments to do and six exams coming up in a few weeks, but with all the clippings and hankies-from-my-grandmother-I-never-used-as-a-child still to add I can't help but feel excited. Or at least very, very distracted. Unfortunately with the amount of clippings I've collected in various shoe boxes under my bed, my poor spiral bound book is getting very full (and my assignments accumulating cobwebs) and at this rate closing my aesthetic junk journal it is going to become an issue. Not to mention when I will want to display it proudly on a book shelf or in a shrine of it's own. Naturally I feel the need to spread out my ideas in the form of chunky textures, but to ensure a museum-like presentation of the final product starting a new book may be a good idea.

Does anyone else journal or write letters to pen pals with glitter and things like that? I wouldn't mind starting something epic and collaborative sometime soon when the workload finally eases up.

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