Monday, July 1, 2013

Comme Des Garçons Spring 2005

What could possibly cheer me up more than searching for Comme Des Garçons treasure online at bargain basement prices? Spying on some early collections of course! Staying up to date with the latest releases across a range of designers is totally exhausting- I don't know how some people do it! Anyway,  by now we all recognise the trademark strangeness of clothing buckling against simple traditional silhouettes and adding harmonious, frenzied details as we see in multi-facetted leather jackets above worn with estranged ballet tutus in a myriad of pastel tones. The finishing touches were powdered wigs worn with masquerade masks of pure white... which eliminated all hopes of cohesion and continuity of a single unified theme in typical CDG style. Maybe that's what I love most about their shows and apart from the following of amazing peeps who work on Rookie Mag; playing dress-ups has been glorified on a whole other level and I love it! But maybe they should have left the motor cross sport gloves behind and simply stuck with ballet flats and bows? Just a though. 

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