Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beach Bums

My holiday break was only meant to be three weeks- and I've already piddled away so much of the time! I got things done such as journal pages (a lot), went away for the weekend, went to an art gallery and all very good productive and creative things but it seems I won't be getting a head start on next semester in my current state of mind. I want to pretend we're having nice weather and collect images on the Internet; I don't want to see my timetable or results from last semester or go back to work. Nerrghh... Everything sucks and I should have gone to the library the day after my exams to maximize my time with interesting books because now I've left it too late and ugh. I am, a very boring person indeed. Also there's not much point in buying a new camera at the moment, because I won't get to spend quality time learning how to use it and will soon run out of time to construct outfit posts in the morning. Thankfully, I rediscovered the miracle of using natural light and shooting outdoors in my garden but everything is ending so soon and I don't want it to.

1- Rookie Mag, 2, 7, 9, 12- unknown, 3- American Apparel,
4a-“A Bedtime Story” photographed by Steven Meisel with Guinevere Van Seenus for Vogue Italia 2008, b- Pierrot le Fou (1965); 5, 6;
8a, b- Grease (1978), c- Rookie Mag; 10, 11, 13.


  1. you are most certainly not a boring person. i read your blog because i am a boring person in search of something interesting.

    1. this is so sweet, thanks so much