Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wearing: Miss Shop pony blouse, Asos skirt, deadstock tights, Miu Miu clogs, DIY hair bow and brooch, mushroom necklace from etsy (ginettepomette).

Today I wanted to look cute (did I succeed you guys!?) but also experiment with how I do makeup and hair, so this was my first attempt at milkmaid braids thanks to this video tutorial. If I had known it was this easy all along I would have been wearing this hairstyle to school a lot more on really boring days and to piss off my Chemistry teacher. I'd also like to think I'm echoing Princess Leia from Star Wars with the addition of a satin white bow into my heavy braids- it just needed something extra to make it look more interesting since I don't have my hair dyed and it doesn't catch the light in a rainbow of colours. I eventually took out the braids after a while- it feels unnatural for me to have all my hair scooped onto one side of my head but maybe I just need more practice. Also this is the first time I've tried to wear blush in a while (which is why it looks so bad and concentrated on my cheeks) but I kind of like the intentional kinderwhore/ porcelain doll vibe. I discovered I have three different blush pots when I cleaned my room yesterday so expect more rosy cheeks sprinkled into my outfit posts.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Vintage 1970s saturated images have been my favourite thing on the Internet lately- in keeping with my fervent need to reinvent my room there's been a lot of different vintage vibes and stuff to keep me inspired, especially things like Rookie Mag photo shoots since Tavi's coming to Australia soon (yay!). It's almost depressing surrounding myself with a bombardment of colour and cute graphics, since my room is doomed to be boring, plain white walls and I don't have the attention span to constantly decorate it with cute things but that's what building a blog is for, right? Because I keep cramming clothes and stuff from my floor back into my wardrobes and closets I find it strange I can see what my floorboards look like again, but I bought a chair from Vinnies for $90 and my Dad is going to pick it up for me while I'm at work on Saturday morning. It's exciting because when I move out, I'll actually have a nice piece of furniture I can take with me and it's pink and just amazing to sit in. Which is great, because I have 22 new old magazines I bought from eBay that arrived this morning. As if that wasn't enough to keep me busy I'm back at uni this week. Oh boy, I should stop biting off more than I can chew.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation

Wearing: DIY headband, check shirt from my dad, metallic paint splatter shirt from a garage sale (yaponskii), thrifted floral pants, Dr Martens boots.

Yesterday consisted of watching my first episode of Freaks and Geeks and discovering that cleaning can sometimes be fun (but that it is mostly annoying). I also made the headband I am wearing yesterday, which is a more simplified Rookie diy crown but also a tribute to that huge pink bow Tavi Gevinson wore to Dior that pissed off a lot of fashion bloggers on Twitter. The simple design is to encourage myself to wear it to uni and stuff proclaiming my love of crafting and dressing in a unique way, but also adding a feminine touch to outfits. I bought the sparkly purple pipe cleaners from a thrift store for two dollars and still have half a bag left to use for another crown, but I can't think of anything interesting to create just yet.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2010

So this will be an unusually short fashion collection review, basically because I only identified with four looks from the Vivienne Westwood Red Label line but when I saw one of the picnic dresses in an old copy of Vogue I felt I had to write about it. As it turns out, I don't like Vivienne Westwood designs nearly as much as I thought I did but I still admire anyone with the courage to dye their hair so ferociously and my mother has impressed upon me a certain admiration for our elders' continuing to contribute to society; especially when it comes to their role in the workplace.

Now normally I yabber on and on about why I love a certain look or theme so much but this time I have chosen a modest number of outfits unified with a certain romantic air... like picnicking in Spring beside the Thames and huge straw boater hats with floppy bits of expensive ribbon dangling in the wind. I was impressed with the more recognisable shapes of dresses reinventing an almost 1950s silhouette but I felt that the choice of models for the collection was pretty poor and bordering on distracting. Don't get me wrong, I love diversity but I think when it comes to a professional presentation of a runway that there should be uniformity in who is cast to be an ambassador of a fashion collection and hair and makeup should remain relatively similar.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Suburban Death

Despite living in The Suburbs all my life, sometimes I feel totally lost drifting between two very different worlds of big city or a close knit community. Sure it only takes about an hour's drive to finally reach a small town or the centre hub of Melbourne, but where I live feels like this strange little pocket dimension pushed off to the side. In the suburbs nothing exciting happens- there's no art happening and you have to be your own creative inspiration at times when the Internet can't provide that sense of inclusion into certain artistic circles. All your friends from high school still live near you but everyone can drive now so it's not like you bump into each other or hang out as often as you know you should. And things like buildings and shops are relatively small but at the same time there's enough space so nobody really knows anybody else's name.

So this photo set visualises my confusion and frustration of living in the suburbs, but it's a more softer, romanticised view of the burbs. I wanted to create that sense of the strange and dangerous but have it subtle enough to leave an unsettling tone to all the photographs and stuff. It ignores petty crimes like graffiti, but leans towards dark secrets swept under rugs- all being bundled together in a picturesque and feminine packages like the creepy twin girls from The Shining and the Lisbon sisters from Virgin Suicides. 

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