Saturday, June 1, 2013

URB Clothing

It seems like I haven't catalogued any favourite designers/ pieces here from a label that didn't curate on a runway in forever; I'm not being stingy and hoarding all the fashion knowledge and know-how for myself I'm just being weird! I'm sorry! Anyway, in keeping with my recent connection with the cosmos and sudden affinity for anything related to space, galaxies and extra-terrestrial life I thought I'd share the gem of the universe that is URB Clothing who put together quite the range of dripping, melted tights/ socks/ hosiery that speaks to me on a level which says: "Adele, this is as close as you'll get to wearing annihilated-human-remains". It's been a very stressful and long semester of university, OK? But my mood has been kept a little cheery thanks to the sheer desire (get it? hosiery and tights? get it!?) for warmer woolen basics or layers to add to my Winter look of a walking clothes rack with two twiggy legs sticking out at the bottom.

I'm personally luster after this amalgamation of silver and glitter but seventy dollars seems like a steep price- that's not to say I don't like supporting the fashion industry. But my local op shop sells dead stock tights for a dollar (which can easily be washed in hot soapy water x37 if need be to kill all germs and bugs) and a little experimentation with fabric paint and glitter never hurt anyone. In fact there should be a scientific study somewhere that shoes glitter in fact increases your lifespan or at least happiness. It's a fact: glitter makes everyone happier. Rookie says so. There's a perfect overall sheen about the glitter on these tights that just might sway my otherwise very thrift approach to fashion and DIY. Please keep in mind that when you order from somewhere like URB that they make every pair of tights by hand- which means there might be slightly longer or shorter dripping pools of sparkles than you had originally hoped for. Again making me think DIY might be a little easier thing to do if your parents happen to own a secret paint stash and are as heavily obsessed with glitter as I appear to be.


  1. I've been obsessing over those silver glitter tights ever since I saw them on tumblr! I was thinking you might be able to achieve a similar effect with lots of glittery puffy paint? It might be worth a shot.

    1. Hey i acutally own some puffy paints ^_^
      But I could never get them to inflate the way I wanted to?

      I might try on swatches of fabric for the ultimate drippy goodness before trying on actual clothes