Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Ardorous and Brandi Strickland

Ranting about my visual diary/ junk journal has been one of my favorite things lately, but my themes fail to meet the scale of grandeur that Brandi Strickland has been able to conjure up in association with The Adorous. Last night instead of enjoying my first solo, licensed drive I instead finished one particularly old collage page transforming the Vice-Chancellor of my university into the koala man. It has to be seen to be believed, OK? I think Brandi Strickland has had a little more time or at least interest in her field of stylised scrapbooking and focuses on such things as rainbows, the unforeseen hand of God/ external forces guiding human civilisations, Roman pillars and Egyptian cats... these are just some of the goodies you can sink your teeth into when viewing her art. 

The imagery listed so far is very different from the usual, selfish and trivial motifs you would usually see scattered in teenage girl diaries- fraught with first world problems and at most the unpleasant experiences of high school socialising. The Adorous appears to be a zone free of minor themes with nary a boy's names in pink tattoo hearts or 'BFF 5EVA' in sight. I wouldn't consider those things in my own visual diary either, but only getting into aesthetic cataloguing recently and in my second year of university; understandably the cringe-worthy moments and important 'firsts' have already passed me by. Nonetheless, I don't even think I need to explain my position on the teenage girl eccentric fandom we all had a tendency to create in our own little worlds. 

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  1. I love that image with the hair and the moons x