Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Space Bug

Wearing: Garage sale shirt (Japanese brand), thrifted top worn as skirt, DIY gem tights, DIY unicorn brooch, vintage frilly socks, Wittner holographic brogues.

I shoot this a while ago, but submitted it to an online zine to feature so I have been hoarding all the cosmic deliciousness from you until now. I'm sorry! But it was worth the wait, right? Anyway, it was inspired by Tavi's planetarium outfit, the forty year old astronomy magazines my father gave me, helpful instructional books in my house entitled 'How to make your own Telescope', dreamy music by Frightened Rabbit and the general gist of the Moon Magic's theme of SPACE which I originally interpreted as the place a person inhabits but then I decided space was the place and made all this crazy stuff. I'm featured here (hurrah!) on the second last page, 35 out of 36. It feels good to contribute to scoeity and stuff. The last photograph is from my journal- a direct snipped from a stamp/ coin collector guide which I haven't had time to add to just yet but it will hopefully happen very soon and some much-needed alien heads will be added to my little book.

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