Friday, June 14, 2013


So basically I can't decide whether scrunchies are the best thing ever or some sort of demi-plague/ fashion embarrassment-relic from the 1980s people would rather forget about. There's various reasons why they're good: providing extra stock to handmade but I suppose they also represent the nostalgic childhood of monkey bars and balance beams. If you were ever that way inclined as a child, I know I wasn't.
My conclusion is that they're like mini tutus for the uncoordinated who were never really meant to dance en pointe but we get to wear them in our hair, hiding away the untidy ends from less-than-perfect hair buns and small little pockets and sunshine and colour. Vintage school photographs uploaded to Flickr remind us all that ugly duckling stages are not so bad and those people grow up into beautiful swans. Or alternatively they embraced their inner geek and were happy with that too. I'm on both sides of the fence myself.

*Photographs via Google Images and Tumblr 

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  1. scrunchies are very cute! my hair is too short to wear them, but i really like them anyway ^^'
    cool blog! love your inspiration pics <3

    [my weirdoland -]