Monday, June 3, 2013

Pixie Geldof

Unsurprisingly I've fallen in love with another British model this time in the form of the lovely Pixie Geldof. You may remember I collected images of Alexa Chung on an obsessive level a year or so ago but this time my girl crush has manifested itself for reasons related to hair and in particular coloured hair shying away from long locks for a more cropped do. There's a bit of bias in my selection of photographs but I remain unapologetic and firm that coloured hair is the wave of the future, or it would be were it not for the damned effects of bleach damaging hair and conditioners only be able to do so much in the field of nourishment and vitamin replacement. The last collection has seen sites such as swayed with the trends leaning towards punk (and for the angry individual who commented on an earlier post of mine, I dare you to again deny punk is an intrinsic component of modern art and fashion at all levels) and I too have been convinced that it is a powerful philosophy to tap into.

For those unaware, I love my punk music. My brother wore his Descendents jumper to jury duty and being my older brother massively influenced my taste in music, especially in my earlier and idealistic years of high school in which my diet was heavily subsidised with nearly all the Foo Fighters albums, Audioslave and Alexisonfire. To this day you can still find traces of my heavier rock past on my iTunes library; Deftones holding a newer but still dreamy nostalgia of punk rock, screaming lyrics (literally) and heavier guitar rifts and newer bands such as Cancer Bats, The Lillingtons, Alkaline Trio and Masked Intruder. This strange ramlbing thread on music most of you will be unfamiliar with relates to the strange inter-mingling of personal style, but also looks we see Pixie dressed up as a model. I was really tempted to try and crow-bar in a photograph of her as an extra from that awful Flintstones movie (dressed on a Jeremy Scott runway no less) but refrained since it didn't fit in with anything else I included. But you get the picture.

So back onto the *actual discussion topic* Pixie wears the dishevelled look well dabbling in eyeshadow for smokey eyes, thick dashes of dewy black eyeliner, ruffled hair and classic rock band t-shirts. I think she killed me in the best of ways with a menagerie of cute jewellery ranging from soda can earrings to heavy gothic crosses and vintage-esque pastel enamel charms. It's everything I could have hoped for in style and just a little bit more. But she also has an estranged but almost characteristic, modern aristocrat look which mixes the best of bright orangey/ pink hair and neutral tone dresses. Her schoolgirl outfit also caught me off guard in my quick research across a menagerie of fan-devotee-run Tumblr blogs but that too looked so good and subtle on her. So basically, I kind of idolise her based on her awesome versatility and ability to pull off a range of looks. But to confess the whole truth and nothing but the truth the bright hair did win me over in a very convincing way.

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