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Liebster Award: Round Two

Just when I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief after answering not one, but two sets of nominations for the Liebster Award I see two comments again with lovely little directions towards posts concerning the matter again. Oh well, I probably don't really have a strong enough profile or personal presence her for people to get to know me so these are good opportunities to gibber-gabber on about myself in a semi-non-conceided way. Oh who am I kidding, who doesn't love talking about themselves on their blog? It also builds trust and stuff the way a cheesy team-building exercise does when a company goes away on holiday- although I am notably more relaxed being on holidays at home at the moment and with nothing better to do. There will however, by no souvenir t-shirts handed out on the bus trip home. I know, I'm dissapointed too. So there will be more facts, more nominations on my part for those who didn't make the cut first time around and more questions.


I have been nominated this time by the lovely Angie of ask the moon; someone who has a very radical taste in blogs and queen of the selfie and Morgan of The Flame Dame. Very cool but different girls think my blog is cool and I am humbled by that. Despite the age difference and me feeling unhip (I use the word 'hip' to mean cool, you can definitely tell I'm old) I value these chances to discuss exactly who I think I am and why I am here, like a drunken bar fly on Karaoke Thursdays. I don't need alcohol to think I am talented at things, that's the sad way in which my brain works. Anyway, enjoy!

Angie's Questions:

If you could only take one outfit with you to a deserted island, what would it be?
This is already killing me just to think about. I mean, I try to rotate everything around in my wardrobe and not favour one piece too much- typical Libra star sign symptoms kicking in here despite the fact I'm generally skeptical of Astrology. At times when I can't rotate or gravitate from wearing a new wardrobe piece I just jumble around blog posts until I seem interesting enough while keeping everything fair and just; equal rights and opportunities for equal clothes! OK that's enough of that.
The Simpsons sweater seen at the top of my blog would have to make an appearance, and probably something practical-ish like a funny printed t-shirt. I've been wearing one from Dick's Last Resort in San Diego a lot lately and especially when going driving. Finally I will say Wowch leggings with cats on the knees. They're super cute, stretchy and comfortable- an all around funny to wear when on campus when people's eyes focus away from their expensive cups of coffee or their Macbook Pros to realise graphicly printed cats are on my knees.

I you could own only one pair of shoes what would they be?
Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony suede buckle wedge boots. No question. I fell in love with them just when I started to get into fashion at the end of 2009 and on eBay they cost around six hundred dollars. At the time I was sixteen and couldn't afford something so spectacular and then last year in 2012 I finally bought a pair, second hand for two hundred and fifty dollars altogether in my size. I was so excited. I put them on as soon as they arrived despite the fact I had guests over (oops). I fangirled so hard and they just kind of stared at me like a blob fish. True story.

What are your wardrobe staples?
I can't survive without a sweater these days for colder weather, and t-shirts remain a higher priority than blouses to be comforting since they don't tend to bully my bra straps into falling down but I do love pleated skirts in the vain of ice skaters. These are my staples at the moment as I slowly become free and independent from boring pairs of jeans- the clothing embodiment of a prison of uncreativity.

Who are your style icon/s?
I still love Tavi Gevinson and think she's an all time favourite of mine. How can I get past a girl who isn't even in collage yet and manages to edit a very successful online website aimed at teenage girls with helpful advice from indie celebrities? No one, no one in their right mind as far as I'm concerned anyway having years of crushing on this style icon in particular. I also look up to Susanna Lau of Style Bubble and in my earlier days, Brooke Kao who wrote The Fashion Void that is DC. In fact, I may revisit the last one for some good old nostalgia.

What are your Favourite Designer/s?
Again, this is a super hard question because I have been trying to search widely on the Interet for new ideas and things to diversify my own look- lifting the glossy pages of Vogue isn't as exciting as it used to be when I was fourteen. But lately I've been enjoying the dynamite duo of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff thanks to Rookie Mag (duh)- but adorable and petite Karl Lagerfeld still remains an all time great and muse of mine. Also thinking back to Wes Anderson's film the Darjeeling Limited, Marc Jacobs did a fantastic job on those trademark suitcases lugged around by the brothers for much of the story and in general on Louis Vuitton collections.

What are your favourite book/s?
I'm slowly reading and relishing all the teeming ideas and interviews from Rookie Yearbook One, which is one of my favourite books that I own but I'm a big Terry Prachett fan and I love reading absurd fictional books and sometimes a Mills & Boone type romance from the library every now and then. Romance books are a guilty pleasure but fantasy does take the stress out of everyday life. What I really enjoy is the feeling of growing attached to a character or a protagonist- fundamentally if I don't care about them then I won't want to keep reading. That's a common thread in the books and stuff I read when it comes to keeping my interest. Sorry H.G. Wells, I didn't finish War of the Worlds because I neither liked or disliked the protagonist and didn't want to see them survive or get plucked off by the Martian invasion.

Who is your idol?
I really love Petra Collins at the moment and my inner-child reading Harry Potter with my father insists on choosing Dobby. One is a free elf, the other is a free spirit and pretty much pioneered the hot glue gun as a necessary craft staple to a generation of young girls. I've been making weird and dorky pillowcase shaped tops (because I'm not good with tailoring at the moment) so they're both inspiring in terms of the idealistic side in which I craft stuff everyday. Despite theire being a menagerie of cool things you can sew I'm pretty terrified of the needle breaking off and flying into me eye, and a hot glue gun is wonderful but dangerous since I keep burning the ends of my fingers.

Which bands/recording artists do you hate?
I shouldn't take so much pleasure in ripping apart performing artists and being negative BUT I hate Limp Bizkit (a girl was killed in a crowd crush when they played at the Big Day Out music festival 2001 and then they left the country easly refusing to acknowledge what had happened). Nicki Minaj is a bit of a borderline because because fans who make shrines in tribute to her using rainbow coloured extensions has earnt some brownie points in my books but I still can't stand to hear her voice. Basically people who don't really respect their fans and sound annoying. Also if they seem far too pre-occupied with their image rather than the music and feelings they should be trying to portray. Music should come from the soul.

What inspired you to start a blog?
In short: Australian Vogue, December 2008. If you can find it, then maybe give it a read but I can pretty much guarantee you won't love it as much as I first did. It was fat, huge and chunky and being ecstatic and with so much free time on my hands I entered just about everything I loved into the Google search engine which eventually lead me to a blogspot. I loved the presentation and started writing one for myself, initially discussing that I liked on eBay that week,  started a new blog- a separate space for all my photograph uploads onto the Internet and finally my current project a la Secret Hipster.

What is your favourite quote?
"I hate everybody"- Daria Morgendorffer.

Where do you think you will be in 5 years?
With a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains.

Morgan's Questions:
Have you ever had a recurring dream or nightmare?
My dreams are boring, just like me in real life. Just kidding (but not kidding). *WOMEN ARE A BUNDLE OF CONTRADICTIONS AND THAT'S OK!* No, I bounce out of bed every morning and forget all the visions of several hours sleep within five minutes stumbling around my pigsty room looking for the door leading to the nearest instant coffee sashe and electronic kettle.

What’s your biggest fear and why?
I suppose it's not being fulfilled in life and not having a purpose or long-term goal to work towards everyday. Being useless and irrelevant. It sounds like I've been brain-washed by the drones of motivational speakers they send in to schools towards Senior year but it's kind of true.

If you could punch one historical figure (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Politician Paul Ryan (part of Team Romney who I do not pity at all for losing). I don't even live in America but it terrifies me where we live in a world where a man with such prominent public profile can decide it is perfectly acceptable to charge women with criminal offences for seeking an abortion. Even if they are the victim of rape or incest and general violence and sickness we choose to tolerate in society. I think this speaks for itself.

If you could be famous for anything, what would it be and why?
I would love to be both a fashion stylist or a really infamous fashion blogger in addition to being head of palaeontology at a museum somewhere or work rehabilitating the ecosystem function after the mining industry boom. I want to be a role model to prove that girls who like fashion can be feminists and settle down to raise a family with their partners and have a career all at the same time. And generally lead the way in Science, that would be pretty cool.

Who is your idol/hero and why?
The champion of jusitce and love. She who wears Japanese school uniforms and communicates with talking cats. The one, the only: Sailor Moon. She has long blond hair in two meatballs on her head and comedic timing, i.e. crying in the middle of monster fights which is just so much more realistic than emotionless heroines.

If you were to magically wake up one morning with the power to see the future, what would you do and why?
I would see what things off my Etsy list were going to get sold that day and buy them all in a hyper-competitive way that involves snarling at my keyboard.

Favorite color of nail polish?

Anything sparkly. I want to dedicatemy spare time to being more like David Bowie at the height of his inter-stellar albums and bringing out the best of my cheek bones.

Favorite drink (such as lemonade, water, orange juice, etc.)?
I wish I could swim in a river of Dr Pepper.

What song is currently stuck in your head?

Grouplove- everyone's gonna get high. After watching my first episode of Girls and basking in the glorious end credits and tragedy of the main characters. Also basking in Laird's weird orgasm chanting but let's not get into that.

What is your favorite film and why?
I wish I could say something interesting and artistic like American Beauty, or a piece directed by Sofia Coppola; perhaps Twin Peaks or the Virgin Suicides; but the matter of the fact is I am not much of a movie buff and horror movies terrify the living daylights out of me. Spirited Away remains a cinematic favourite of mine steeped in animated flair though showing Japanese tradition and how complicated relationships can be in general, not to mention super powers and magical animals.

If you could be best friends with anyone, who would it be and why?
Tavi Gevinson forever. She could show me the secrets to creating puffy beehives larger than life and big enough to hide a switchblade. The secret of the blogging universe: how to leave your bedroom and get invitations to attend front row at New York Fashion Week while recieveing amazing myriads of fashion clothing costing excess of hundreds of dollars in the mail. And in return I could... think of a talent to make her visit worthwhile / give her some cats or something.

PHEW that was huge and massive but if you made it to the end, thanks for reading and thank you again to Morgan and Angie for such excellent questions.

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