Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Emma Mulholland: Spaced Out

Conspiracy theorists have likened the appearance and structure of the Egyptian pyramids to the early intervention of aliens and it seems they have finally gotten their wish in the form of an unlikely ally; a fashion collection! Yes, I couldn't quite believe it either but I was probably significantly more jubilant at it than you were. The reason as to why I was just so pleased is that the designer, one Emma Mulholland is an Australian with a keen sense of style (and wicked personal collection of vintage t-shirts sh combines with her own label) that extracts the best of the eccentric 1990s trends. This includes platform sneakers in the vain of Club Kid/ Buffalo, holographic walls and backgrounds plus sequins- all of which have gained popularity again this season but more so in my tired little region of the world. If there was ever any doubt that Australian designers are weird but radical in that they do their own thing, regardless to trends anywhere else: this is it. Case in point but you may also want to check out some recent Romance was Born for a second opinion. Aside from the kooky alien motifs, the eye-boggling metallic sheen of materials and the overall scene edging over to that of a skate ramp I can only describe this entire capsule of clothing as a minimalists worse nightmare. 

Aside from the sequins used as a magical teleport gateway into the mind (or the mind of some very stoned teenagers at your local IHOP found at 3am) it lends this extra dimension of texture to the collection, which I'd really love to just see more of from Mulholland. She's practically breaking out of the picture plan already! OK I'm done. I think Australian designers have become trapped in the general trend of designing pants/ tops/ dresses/ skirts and not doing anything that ground breaking when it comes to the actual structure of clothing- as opposed to Japanese and my beloved Comme des Garcons. Watching the evolution of Emma Mulholland's brand and her shows at Fashion Week down under has been really inspiring, but I just wish I could see the massive leap of faith in doing something so wild and beyond expectations and the reward she so readily deserves as a designer. I've only known about her label for the last year or so and already she's my second favourite designer from Australia- proving that there is a fashion industry in our country and it's a force to be reckoned with; my favourite brand being Romance was Born, which is the brain child of Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales.

I have to admit, I thought tie dye had already had its moment in the sun being a mere muse of the past and something generally unspoken about in fashion circles as an unfortunate event that happened exclusively in the 1960s and nothing more. But Proenza Schouler (and Tavi Gevinson's outfits, duh) have helped me discover just how easily it allows color to be injected into outfits through a simple but comfortable cotton shirt. Yes, I've been a secret slob OK? Hiding away from all of you from behind the keyboard and neglecting outfit posts while also living in the same sweater and leggings underneath various jeans for the past couple of weeks. It's been tough to find the motivation to be colourful and unusual, and instead expressing myself on paper via collaging has held more appeal but Emma Mulholland's collections of fun themes and general vibrance has really got my creative juices flowing. Now if only I could comb the tangles out of my birds' nest hair and remember how it is you apply makeup to look decent for an outfit post, that would be lovely.

It may not seem like a major component of the Space Out collection, but I have a particular fondness and a soft spot in my heart (surprising to even myself, I know) for this tessellated embodiment of colour, geometry and alien heads. The cropped, roll neck version of this pattern was on eBay about a fortnight ago but I haven't been delusional enough to convince myself that I can fit into an XS. I sometimes wish I was small and had taken on my mother's dainty frame being slight enough to fit into dresses for very small brides or large baptismal babies but that's just how things go I guess. And if I like the product enough I will probably go that extra mile/ two hundred dollars into buying the dress new and in my size. I can't even remember the last time I bought something for my wardrobe that was new, with tags, from a store. In my defence, it's been a lot more fun to have money and be a massive cheapskate instead, wearing shoes that might be a little too small for my feet and the like. The print of this dress just makes me happy- it's like a color blind child drew in an African Safari Animal book and thought giraffes were better suited to being purple. Why wouldn't that stir up feelings of the warm fuzzies?

Anyone who knows me well understands my insatiable need for bold, characteristic knitwear being cursed with a poor circulatory system only to be rivaled by a wicked sense of humor; or rather, irony when it comes to clothing. Something as simple as a big fat alien head in green seems amplified in spiritual power when paired with sparkly black sleeves and a hot pink background- can you tell I'm also lusting after a pair of golden/ black lurex knee high stockings? The babes of my area have been teaming up Dr Marten boots with knee high socks or various stockings and it's all been gloriously seeping into my brain and influencing my tastes and sensibilities as of late. This has now been assimilated by little green men, and the general vain of a 1980s under the sea themed prom. Or was that 1950s? Whatever the case, it's all been very influential while I've been feeling sad and gloomy about various assignments and missing out on opportunities to get sucked into television programs.

Mermaid prom dress; the perfect culmination of sassy sea-witchery and totally tacky nostalgia all in the one piece. It makes me miss my own Winter formal dress I wore as a junior, ironically the same sort of starchy material stretched out over my body, used to accentuate certain curves here and there but without the exotic excerpt of material along the neckline. Rather than being akin to creatures of the sea, my own dress had the outline of roses on a metallic purple outline and in all honesty I was channeling Morticia Adams. Now, you would think that with such a vivid description, taking into account that I still own that dress and happily lived in all the wonderful vibes I would be done with such moody feelings right? WRONG. I would like to relive that night all over again in gorgeous turquoise blue if my financials permitted but alas I don't have such a way with words that I could justify a purchase of another formal dress for quite some time now.

Damn it Emma Mulholland- I have a weak heart and I can't take all this glorious alien frolicking in fabric! I'm exhilarated for other reasons, finding the long-lost charger to my iPod and reconnecting with Bjork's Volta, which of course means listening to 'Earth Intruders'. Because coordinating music and fashion collections is my calling OK? But seriously, if I could afford all this stupendous stuff I would have a creepy shrine dedicated to it all- shelves of neatly folded soft sweaters and sequined everything on hangers intermingling with garlands of grey pom poms or whatever. But I can't afford it so I that metaphorical shrine won't be built (in all honesty I am a little too lazy to do so anyway)... BUT IN MY MIND IT IS REAL. I think belief is similarly the premise for aliens and people's unexplained; that external force people believe in that will save/ destroy them whether it be luck, some sort of god or little green men. Don't mind me, I'm just *wizard-talking* to myself. 

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