Monday, June 10, 2013


Wearing: Karen Walker Bunny sunglasses, vintage blouse, sweater from my father, skirt bought at a garage sale and Miu Miu clogs.

As every good university student knows, 9am lectures are a pain to get to on time and 8am lectures are some sort of evil punishment the institute gleefully inflicts on us. Last semester I had three nine o'clock starts and heavily relied on caffeine during the last few weeks to slug it out and survive the first semester. So in a tribute, I whipped together a quick and very coordinated outfit as an homage to coffee- one of the few reasons I get out of bed for during Winter. Also- how *ridiculously long* is my hair getting!? The last photo looks like extensions- I swear it's not. At least it manages to stay soft and fluffy after being blow dried these days. Still obsessed with my Karen Walker Bunny sunglasses in brown- I don't care that it's Winter and I'm indoors I'm refusing to take them off.

1 comment:

  1. 9am lectures *shudder*
    love the collar on your blouse