Friday, June 7, 2013


Wearing: Bowler hat from tourist village, Karen Walker Bunny sunglasses in brown, This is Make Believe necklace, plaid top from my mother, Romance was Born dress, DIY corsage, vinatge frilly socks and Miu Miu daisy clogs.

My Karen Walker sunglasses have finally arrived! It feels like a long time coming since I've reported on their very earliest collections but the choice was easy when the right pair made themselves available. This also marks my return; slowly clawing my way back into a regime of more fun outfits and shedding boring black sweater with skinny jeans uniform. I was a little surprised to see my eyebrows disappear under the plastic frames but I've found wearing a swish hat is a substitute for a loss of expression- since I don't have bangs or a colourful fringe a la Claire Boucher to match with equally bright and bouncy sunglasses.

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