Thursday, June 13, 2013


Wearing: DIY brooch, Sweater from Ezzentric Topz, Cue skirt, Rubi shoes wedges.

There is indeed a Neopet on my sweater. It's a dinosaur and it likes to party, but I should mention that it took a massive three safety pins to tame the beast- I think however, that it worked out well. How could I not take this little guy home when visiting the op shop? After all, it seems like I've been studying for my Biology and Geology exams forever and... umm... it'll be good for revision and moral. Yeah. Well mainly moral on that one because my eyeballs hurt, I haven't even sat an exam AND I AM OVER THE WHOLE PROCESS. Anyway, it seems that outfit posts are only being done after showers these days when my hair realises it can indeed be as silky smooth as a commercial and when my thoughts are collected on what to wear. Make no mistake, I am in very boring clothes at the moment and feel like a sloth. I wish my fellow students well into the exam period.

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