Saturday, May 18, 2013

Up to my Eyeballs

Hi, hello, where did the time go? It seems like forever since I promised to post a little more often, which was obviously said with the best of intentions. And then school got in the way. C'mon, we can all relate can't we? Now please, don't get mad and I will make you an apology cookie. Outfit posts seemed pretty pointless after coming home from a full day on campus; if my face were looked a little more enthused and my attention for collaging lasted longer than ten minutes we may have achieved something here. But we didn't and there's mutual dissapointment everywhere; I'M SORRY!! The good news is I finished the sedimentary geology component of my unit (which was terrible) and I'm left with this lovely sense of accomplishment at the moment. So let's direct that at some hardcore procrastination shall we? 

This collection of images is a little more graphic driven then normal, but I'm really discovering some new junk and old stuff for my little aesthetic journal, plus all the free university publications and curbing my addicition to buying things online. The sad thing about Etsy is that a lot of what I buy won't arrive in my country until a month later, during which time I usually forget about it and stare at the package with a goody expression for twenty minutes trying to pain-stakingly remember what clothes I was going to wear with the piece etc. So images are a little more immediate and with a high-speed internet connection I practically have the world at my fingertips so at the moment my heart belongs to ideas and photographs as opposed to physical and tangible objects. 

1, 2, 4, 8, 18- Rookie Mag; 5, 10, 12- Claire Inc; 14, 15, 22- Ginette Lapalme.
3- Dogtooth (2009). 6, 7-Heavenly Creatures (1994), 9- Sofia Coppola; 11, 13- Edward Scissorhands (1990), 16, 17, 23-unknown, 19- Bikini Kill Pussy Whipped, 19- Romeo + Juliet (1996), 20- Lost in Translation (2003), 21, 24, 25, 26- Freaks and Geeks.

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