Thursday, May 16, 2013

Proenza Schouler PS11

The PS11 from Proenza Schouler is what I consider to be an instant overnight classic; if they didn't cost upwards of a thousand dollars each you can rest assured I would have already have a whole assortment/ rainbow/ armada of these bags at my disposal. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of money, any blog sponsors to speak of and lofty morals that prevent me from supporting the Chinese market of clone factory knock-offs.

There's something really tempting about the combination of metal studded spike pyramids and eerie petrol coloured sheen/ strong block colours with adorable wristlets that has identified so readily with the fashion community that they were snaffled with an insatiable global community across websites like Net-a-Porter and Opening Ceremony. They've been around for a year or so now, but it's only recently I've turned my attentions to cataloguing all the wonderful things I can no longer afford such as seasonal hang bags and clutches which can generate a myriad of clucks for my humble little island in space/ place on the internetz.

When it comes to a selection of bags that has such a wide range of different styles (totes, clutches, handbags...) and colours to choose from the sky is literally the limit. I like to be weird and specific in my little niche of style, so the eerie holographic and reflective petroleum mirror materials speak to me on an aesthetic level and are probably the most rare and unusual. I like weird things...

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