Friday, May 31, 2013

I Want to Believe

I found a weird bent out paper clip on the ground in the perfect shade of 1950s sea foam green and immediately felt cosmically connected to Egyptians and hence the universe. For anyone who doesn't see the parallels between extra-terrestrial visitors and an ancient African civilisation I highly recommend boning up on the works of Emma Mulholland. Then get back to me on the subject matter. "I want to believe!", I wail in I hope is a dreamy tone of voice while listening to Tame Impala and clutching an astronomy book to my bosom. But seriously. I'm adding this treasure to my weird collage book (no surprises there) on my space themed page and drawing alien heads in class tomorrow. Because paying attention in lectures when I pay thousands of dollars per year in fees is overrated, man.

For anyone who has watched Ghost World or read the comics you'll be aware of the concept of "found art". Seeing Enid' s art school rival in summer school made me sick to my stomach, since out of habit I try to collect everything cool in the world and hoard it in my room; it was like staring into an awful but very accurate mirror reflecting my soul! I started breathing again when I realized I am studying a science degree and couldn't possibly sound so pretentious when describing a pile of used coat hangers but the whole scene really got me thinking. About the broad definition of art and justification and the whole freaking system man. 'Man' really does need to be in italics to convey a crazy beatnik tone to my narrative voice. Also about how competitive school can be in order to become the ultimate teacher's pet. I'm secretly a bit of a teacher's pet too but I like to do it in a sneaky way so I think it matters a little less. Like any of you are in any of my lectures/ tutorial/ lab sessions though anyway *gosh*.

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  1. Great series of photos! ^_^ I'm *still* kicking myself for not snagging that Rodarte skeleton dress when I had the chance. >_<