Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have the most wonderful news everyone- I'M STILL ALIVE. It's quite an exaggeration to celebrate the fact I haven't died in the last week but with three assignments due in one week, plus a geology field trip plus an oral presentation it felt like I would struggle to survive. Or at the very least get sick on the bus yesterday but I am proud to report that did not happen and my lecturer will not mark me down after having to hold my long hair back. I've also reached the happy conclusion that all things should be taken in moderation; especially study and allocating all your time to one activity isn't necessarily always the best thing to do for your health/ grades/ whatever. So the crux of the matter is that I'll be blogging a little more regularly or at least keeping up with the daily events while attempting those outfit posts a little more often. I swear I have clothes laid out everywhere in my room but I feel uninspired/ in a zombie trance on a weekday morning so instead I skip them.

It's not that I don't want to blog during the semester or lose interest when things go a bit quiet; but often the constant emails nagging me to do uni coursework sway my opinion. And after four, five, size hours spent at university with the wind blustering through my hair I am in no mood to drag out my tripod and compose something a little more imaginative than boring sweater and jean combination. Yes I'm pretty lazy when it comes to going dressing when I do go to lectures, but you know what? The campus isn't a catwalk, and you're a fool if you treat it like such (especially when delicate materials, easily stained colours and piling of textures is concerned!) with the public transport system to maneuver as well.
That said, I am looking forward to little romps around the Melbourne city centre and playing tourist in my hometown- to dig up some stores and general fashion gems for all my readers interested in what the industry in Australia really can offer. I'm sick of feeling constantly wearied and exhausted reminded of the dull suburbs and the bogan accents constantly marring the English language; I want to represent the bright, young individuals injecting culture into society through clothing. So yup, that sums up my adventure of the last week, I'll hopefully be speaking to you all very soon though.

1, 2, 5, 6- unknown, 3, 4 and 7- internetkhole, 8, 9- Comic Book Readers; orkin 1947, 10, 11- Frankenweenie (2012), 12, 13- Grimes (Oblivion), 14- David Bowie, 15- unknown via, 16 and 17- Annie Hall (1977), 18- Animal Crossing, 19- Sven Beyer, 20, 21- unknown via, 22, 23.

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