Monday, May 6, 2013

Comme des Garçons Spring 2013

Imagine a series of pixie desert sprites wandering smooth sloping sand dunes as you experience the illusion of a mirage. Now remove the sand and add some strange boxy hats that seem more like the creative gift-wrapping of your crazy Aunt Mildred. The desert pixies have long proportions and white hair and have actually rather taken to walking back and forth for the amusement and scrutiny of mere-mortals which are more like peasants in this sense. Voila. You have now transported yourself to the magical realm of the Spring 2013 collection from Comme des Garçons where long flowing, layered dresses are worn with equally long white wigs and platform brogue lace ups. I first came to recognise this collection as a thing of beauty when a close up of the shoes was circulated on the blogosphere but people were mislabelling the season and year. What creations. Anyway I've reviewed a few CDG collections now and I think I'm gathering steam like a precariously perched boulder steaming down a canyon slope so I thought I would try my hand at the most angelic triumph of the season featuring headpieces and white war paint above.

By the time many women's hair turns white they have already cut nearly all of it off and instead wear it as a sensible bob which is easy to maintain. Now I've already sworn to myself that I will let my hair become unsightly long and witch-like so you can just imagine the kind of cheery reaction I had to the model presentation for this collection. It's always a casting challenge when picking models that have such a similar tone to their skin but once that task is done the crowns of the wigs can be hidden under towering hats. If you can call them hats. There are white ribbon sashes keeping them in place so maybe they should really be categorised as a futuristic version of a bonnet adorned in ornate architecture. I loved the texture of the hair and metallic sheen cinched with a bow at the top, and then the panels of the dress clashing and warring with each other to be on top. I've learned to spot like a keen bird-watcher that layering and difficult seamstress-ship is a Comme des Garçons classic trademark but usually more colours and patterns let's us see the craft a little better than monotone white. Considering it's going to be one hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit today I welcome white to reflect the rays of the sun and keep cool this Summer. The fashion industry thinks of everything don't they?

When reading the children's fairy tale, Rapunzel, the emphasis is always on her bombastic, long hair which eventually comes to her aid and allows her to be saved. She's assumed to be beautiful because she's a princess or something and Disney eventually took their time in recreating her in their own image; but did they mention the colour of her hair once? Is it entirely possible that she could have had shockingly long and shiny white hair that seems to live in an ethereal and elite field all of its own? I've seen wigs used quite frequently for shows like Chanel and Meadham Kirchhoff where the colours are either so intense or so precise and pastel that they must be used as a last resort to insure a uniform look across the range. But I don't think I've ever seen long hair that almost trails to the knees used for a collection and I love the individual sense of style. Of course that's what makes a Comme des Garçons so much fun since there's really no one else like them in the fashion world and I always think the more unique you are, the better your reputation and what not. I think people will be talking about this collection for years to come looking back at the artistic nature of the decorations, the minimalist clothing that seems so structural and filled with turrets; plus the close-ups of all those cute shoes!

I'm slowly admiring the more unconventional and abstract approaches to fashion as an unsponsored blogger in pursuit of style and fashion where the application of clips, brooches and general misconstruing garments can yield in infinitely many more looks. Tops can easily double as skirts, albeit it impractical when your 'pocket' is nothing more than an inverted sleeve but I think the showy nature of CDG crystallises this weird and multi-faceted approach in my mind. The headpieces seem to imitate household items such as foil and newspaper, although undoubtedly they must be made of actual material so in a way it's like a a double crossing spy in a hallucinogenic movie plot. That's the best analogy I could think of on the fly, but I think you get the general gist of what I'm saying here. I appreciate this general sentiment because it really gives permission to cheap and cheesy people like myself to start at very accessible materials and slowly build our way up to making splendid accessories/ costume-quality clothes. I've advocated going to community classes or whatever outside doing university for a while but since I am so super swamped with stuff and assignments at the moment I will settle for YouTube tutorials and whatever DIY guides I can get my hands on to add to a growing wardrobe and collection of looks.

For any girl faced with school uniforms, you and I unwittingly shared the same experiences; the dread of buying shoes and having to stomp around wearing them in whatever store, the blissful and trouble-free Summer forgetting the school shoes, wearing them on that first day and then realising the senior students had much cooler, better and less clunky contraptions on their feet. Now this either results in longingly waiting the next year or so to buy a new pair or a verbal exchange to persuade our mothers or fathers to fork out another sixty or seventy dollars to buy a new pair. Being meek, passive and submissive I had my horrible first pair for some two and a half years before making the trendier switch to Mary Jane t-bars but had these Comme des Garçons creations been available I would have absolutely shot for the stars and tried to own a pair with whatever little money I had. Even now having left the public school system for two years I would dream of owning the perfect platform/ heeled witch lace ups that seem to balance all elements of 1970s disco platforms, the wicked witch of the west and fashion all minced together. They are perfect as they are- no amount of badges or Kawaii stickers can improve on their sheer architecture and design and for someone such as myself; eclectic and weird to resist the urge to customise something... well that speaks volumes about the item  really.

Urban dictionary does not include a definition for Shoe Porn. I am very disappointed by this but I am also fuelled by the intoxication of a Wes Anderson film at the moment so I will (fortunately or perhaps unfortunately if you like to skim my text) try my best. Shoe Porn is when a shoe gives you a tingly feeling inside and it can either be sweet and romantic with little naked cherubs drawn by sixteenth century Italians or it can be the hot and steamy, teenage hormonal kind. Your pick. I love the close-ups of the shoes in this collection. Of course I experienced it first on the micro-blogging website Tumblr. I featured nearly every new angle, colour and structure from this collection and somehow feel like a proud parent to them all. Which is ridiculous since I played no part in their creation. The parental feeling is probably something I should see a doctor about soon but I love each and everyone with equal admiration; respecting their differences and seeing that is what makes them unique and lovable.

Looking past the super-skinny models and any negative effects they may have on my mental and physical well-being as a young woman I did enjoy this collection. There was something new to take in from each of the looks whether it was a difference of hat or those amazing ruffled cupcake outfits. It reminds me a lot of pressing material to one's body; whether it's a curtain, a bath towel or even a tent when camping- the way a girl does when she tries to envision a dress. I also spent ten minutes of today wistfully looking into a bridal store in the warm Summer sun which has also reinvigorated my fascination with white dresses and how continuously different designs can be made even after centuries of ceremony. Of course wedding bells aren't the instrument of choice that leap to mind with Comme des Garçons but there is a hint of spring and warm weather suggested in it all. I loved the clunky shoes, the wigs that remind me of big-headed Japanese dollies and gleams of golden thread- can't wait until next season.

They sort of remind me of sailor hats every child would invariably try to make from newspapers; but maybe in this instance from aluminium foil. Which is sort of funny because obviously since it's Comme des Garçons and therefore glorified in the eyes of the fashion world. That doesn't mean I don't like it though- the shapes of some of them are wonderful and the images which I have used from take full advantage of close-ups emphasising the nature of these headpieces. Also with more brainwashing/ soaking in these photographs like the sponge that I am, the white satin ribbons are both elegant but sort of saturated with an unspoken ceremonial air. I think that I'm really trying to get at here is that religion loves important hats. Beautiful and important hats. I don't think that was the real intention here and I have potentially gotten drunk on tea as badly as Buzz Light Year but nun wimples have long trails of material and they look beautiful from every direction. The headpieces from this collection share that trait and I feel that this could only be expressed and recognised in a Spring collection.

I know it's unrealistic for someone so clearly cursed by the plague and loss of coordination to lust after platform heel brogues, but can you honestly blame me? I want to sashay up and down the science laboratories and stuff, flitting around in search of chemicals calmly and in a collected manner with people complimenting my shoes. I don't feel the great need to collect compliments like a hoarder, but it does certainly make me feel good when it does happen. Reaffirming my belief that I picked a good outfit for the day. If I was dressed in all white and maybe with silvery hair people could be forgiven for mistaking you as the tooth fairy because clearly you are a higher being with shoes so clean and free from dirt they must be the result of a repelling spell or something. I think I precariously want clean white shoes and socks because in real life they seem like ordinary enough things but are actually horrible to really achieve and you need to practically sweat bleach or cleaning agent from your pores to have such an amazing reputation. And it saddens me because as a science student I know that when that happens everything has gone wrong internally.... and blah.

For ages I lusted over pretty ruffled petticoat skirts produced by American Apparel- enjoying their sentient flowing nature and billowing tulle. But never in my wildest dreams did I consider warping their iconic textures into an M.C. Escher maze of a dress full of frills and spills all of its own. I usually dress in very basic garments that are straightforward and have a practical sense about them, growing up in the suburbs and having the norm spoon fed to me everyday but it is interesting to see cotton candy plumes of material almost engulfing white-haired girls sectioned off with ribbon. Of course this isn't something I would expect to find in the corner of any old second hand shop, but I suppose it dangles the carrot of reinvention in front of my face and emphasises favour on those select few who can whiz around with a sewing machine to turn a skirt into a top or use a pillowcase to make clothing. If you're clever enough to figure out a way to do all this magical stuff then of course you heartily deserve recognition- maybe even attract attention from Comme des Garçons for being so damn clever and whimsical about tailoring and stuff. It's OK, I'll just stay here being a washed-up blogger in a messy house and appraising fashion collections that everyone will have long since forgotten about.

Marie Antoinette has already been re-invisioned by director Sofia Coppola, but what if she were a long-haired celestial witch with flourishing white waist-long hair and frilly costume? That's not to say I didn't enjoy the pastel costume and pink hair that shrouded Kirsten Dunst in the 2004 film but this close-up has already sparked a whole other dimension filled with eating French patisserie treats with contradictory tiny waists. Fashion shows that seem to rival that of actual costumes and characters fascinate me- I don't know anyone immediately who could wear such clothing in day to day life or those who could afford it. But the designers seem just so much more productive given free run of their own ideas. We can all easily reach our potential in whatever our chosen field is but I think digging deep and finding that motivation can be one of the hardest parts along with the actually execution of ideas. Thankfully Comme des Garçons is well taken care of with a distinct aesthetic display weaved expertly into each collection. 


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