Saturday, May 18, 2013

Candy Crush

Wearing: DIY crown, thrifted blue floral blouse, DIY pink gingham top, Cue skirt, Jelly Beans pink sandals.

Over night the world seems to have been taken over by another fad and I'm just sitting here taking outfit posts after work (hence the ugly no make-up face). It feels like I should be a character in a video game... or at the very least a resident of the candy kingdom. Lately, I've been really thinking about my colour combinations and this idea sitting on the verge of cotton candy and jaffa dreams which will probably be soon followed by some weird oxblood colour to balance the pastel with something a bit more dark and creepy. I also really love the cheap nature of this outfit; the two shirts would have cost next to nothing, I made two of the badges myself and I've bought some of the other things from junk shops or really nice Etsy sellers with impeccable taste and manners. When I have more time I'll make the badges properly instead of using huge chunks of blue-tack and a safety pins, per my usual laziness.

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