Friday, May 31, 2013

I Want to Believe

I found a weird bent out paper clip on the ground in the perfect shade of 1950s sea foam green and immediately felt cosmically connected to Egyptians and hence the universe. For anyone who doesn't see the parallels between extra-terrestrial visitors and an ancient African civilisation I highly recommend boning up on the works of Emma Mulholland. Then get back to me on the subject matter. "I want to believe!", I wail in I hope is a dreamy tone of voice while listening to Tame Impala and clutching an astronomy book to my bosom. But seriously. I'm adding this treasure to my weird collage book (no surprises there) on my space themed page and drawing alien heads in class tomorrow. Because paying attention in lectures when I pay thousands of dollars per year in fees is overrated, man.

For anyone who has watched Ghost World or read the comics you'll be aware of the concept of "found art". Seeing Enid' s art school rival in summer school made me sick to my stomach, since out of habit I try to collect everything cool in the world and hoard it in my room; it was like staring into an awful but very accurate mirror reflecting my soul! I started breathing again when I realized I am studying a science degree and couldn't possibly sound so pretentious when describing a pile of used coat hangers but the whole scene really got me thinking. About the broad definition of art and justification and the whole freaking system man. 'Man' really does need to be in italics to convey a crazy beatnik tone to my narrative voice. Also about how competitive school can be in order to become the ultimate teacher's pet. I'm secretly a bit of a teacher's pet too but I like to do it in a sneaky way so I think it matters a little less. Like any of you are in any of my lectures/ tutorial/ lab sessions though anyway *gosh*.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Givenchy Fall 2013

Everything about this new Givenchy collection is just weirdly perfect in a dreamy way, but it incorporates many different in palette colour and pattern... and yet everything is really cool and cohesive. WHAT!? HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE! To open the show there was Bambi emblazoned on a sweater and we all sighed 'Here we go...' vividly remembering statement sweaters from Kenzo and Balenciaga that have won the favour of fashion bloggers everywhere being dubbed as 'style bait'; a special and particular kind of eye candy that translates into a lot of money to backup business and boutique labels. So, how does this differ? There are snakeskin boots with sexy curvature and striped differences, hairstyles that seem more akin to 1950s swimming caps (I mean this in a really really nice way I promise!) and generally mind-blowing conceptual idea that seems to elude to both the past and hopefully the present. This is all just jittery speculation; but I have faith in Riccardo Tisci's sensibilities being able to juggle both glamour and style for the everyday woman impeccably demonstrating glamour and comfort can be married together beautifully using a little sparkly black details, sheer and coats.

I'm having a teenage girl/ high school/ fan girl-boy-band moment and I am 1.) turning 20 this year and 2.) celebrating the 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend very soon. So what I'm feeling and describing this very moment are very unexpected and old feelings I haven't experienced in years, but this is very much welcomed because it was all inspired by art! (Or the closest thing I'll ever come to cherish in connection with art). My art teachers never inspired me in high school except for the one who dyed her short hair purple, spiked it and wore outfits according to colour blocking. I thought Givenchy couldn't do better than orchids, images of a palm tree paradise and panthers of the 2012 season but now I have to eat my words- which I am perfectly fine with. I am not however OK with losing my marbles trying to figure out how to convey the majesty of texture, colour and tone in words but it just sort of has to be seen to be believed. Which is very easy when you live in the computer age and with high speed Internet.

I love the patchwork of ideas, and yet the uniform execution of models, makeup and hairstyles that seems to definitively unite this entire collection in all its grandeur. It's a little strange, but in an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching way. I'm sure if I were to ask subtly enough I could even find something my discerning mother could approve of in the deep dark depths of murky colours in combination with florals, tartans, Disney characters and swirling baroque. It's quite a list of motifs but I believe that's the strength of this particular collection being able to cater so widely to a range of tastes. The only question left is what they can possibly cover for Summer/ Spring or a resort launch but something will be figured out and it will be eccentric in flavour and chic in execution.