Sunday, April 28, 2013

Unicorn Lady

Wearing: DIY crown, thrifted floral blouse, Lomography Diana+ dreamer camera, Levi's denim shorts, Dr Martens boots.

Last Saturday I went to the Fashion Hayley Garage Sale in Fitzroy and am pleased to say I was the first one there, waiting around while the gang set up and hence had first picking of all the glorious goodies! I know everyone is obsessed and stuff with thrift stores and getting bargains, but seriously, garage sales are heaps better if the people selling them have good tastes. A little harder to come buy rather than swaggering in to a charity shop but they are open to haggling and stuff too- always good for skin flints. I picked up two dresses and a skirt for $35 which isn't too bad by my usual standards and I spent the rest of the day obsessing over and laying out clothes before I had to go to work. Hopefully I'll get off my lazy bum and actually shoot all this dreamy stuff at some stage so I can show you all. Unfortunately since I raced out the door my outfit when I met Hayley (who is super rad and lovely in real life and well dressed ALL THE TIME with amazing make up) I was wearing a boring sweater and jeans ensemble. *BOO HISS*. In my defence I really wanted to wear my pajamas all day but decided that wasn't acceptable either so this was a compromise. If I could stand the cold I would have worn something cute like the outfit above but I'm not and my hands are freezing non-stop which can make typing difficult sometimes (have mercy).

I had to take a separate picture of my super cute necklaces which didn't show up that well in my other snaps; a plastic rosary that is actually pink and a My Little Pony charm I found in the toy section of my local opportunity shop. It's the best; just look at the embedded glitter for godness' sakes!

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