Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake

Wearing: DIY hat (made from shoulder pads), vintage faux fur collar from etsy (SinkVintage), rabbit brooch from etsy (hanaletters), stripe top from Where's Wally costume, vintage skirt from etsy (adVintagous), Jelly Beans plastic sandals, thrifted strawberry coin purse.

Holy smokes I have an affinity for buying stuff from etsy, but you should see all the stuff that I haven't bought and then you'll realise I'm a good girl not spending my money. I swear this is how it works and it's all a numbers game of the stuff I've resisted buying recently- it's down to science! It's been a while since I gravitated towards such a character/ cartoony outfit in a while but the red and white really lends itself well to that cute/ kitsch vibe I've clearly been missing out on for a while and the whole thing is just a sassy statement on how you can wear red and pink at the same time. The hat I made from some shoulder pads I removed from a silk blouse has obviously been a real obsession and included in a lot of my recent outfit posts; it's fun and lightweight and I'm proud of my effort culminating unicorns, religious beads and flowers and eyeballs.

Yes, I realise my hair is ridiculously long- even for me and it's been annoying me a lot more than it usually does so don't be too surprised/ annoyed if I suddenly change it. I've been jabbering on about a change of colour, at least in a small little section for what feels like eons and I'm slowly working up the courage to pick up the phone and book in an appointment. My haircuts are usually expensive, but they make a cup of tea as you wait and are super nice with pretty magazines so it's the ultimate pampering session for a stressed out uni student like me. Long story short: phone conversations scare me more than they really should and are holding me back from luxurious haircuts.

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