Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Wearing: DIY hat, thrifted blouse, Cue skirt, Wittner holographic brogues.

One of the better aspects of having to take a connecting train and bus everyday to university is milling about the local opportunity shop for treasure: like my new blouse! It fits like a glove and has tiny little sheer aspects for the petals and it's pretty much perfect and dreamy.

I've been meaning to do something with these pink scraps of fabric for a while, they're actually shoulder pads I removed from a vintage blouse a year or two ago and I finally got the courage to rework it with some bits and bobs from my collection of pretty junk including a green unicorn that once was a hair clip, a pink wooden religion bead of a baby, a flower button which I made spookier with a googly eye and a lace bow. I'm super happy with how it turned out but I wasted an opportunity to right a cool DIY due to my enthusiasm for this project. It's also really light weight so I can fix it in place with a couple of bobby pins. I loved dressing like an evil, nega-Marry Poppins. All I'm missing is a cute umbrella to swat at people with and I'll be set for life.

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