Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mod Mood

Wearing: Bowler hat from a tourist place, Miss Shop turtle-neck, Cue skirt, DIY gem tights and badge was a gift from a friend.

I heard my boyfriend wanted to look at desks at IKEA so I whipped together the most satirical outfit I could think of in about sixty seconds so this is the full impact of how hair-brained I can be when it comes to approaching clothing. I still love the texture of this skirt and wish I could wear it more often, i.e. to university but somehow I don't think sitting on the bus seats and train in it will help it's longevity as a piece in my wardrobe. Which sucks because I like it so much but in peak hour traffic that bus ride can take more than an hour so I'm sure you understand my dilemma here people. On the plus side my hair looks less like a bird's nest and smooth and manageable in these pictures, but I can't help thinking a splash of colour would really inject some excitement into how I do compose future outfits.

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