Monday, April 1, 2013


Wearing: American Apparel cape, striped shirt from Where's Waldo costume, thrifted tartan pants, Wittner holographic brogues.

I probably should have anticipated waking up feeling sick this morning since I grabbed everything red in my wardrobe (practically) for going out last night. My high school literature teacher had a theory going on about the use of colour in text and how it also applied to real life and how we dress- we spent an hour on that alone. True story. My boyfriend and I trawled around Ikea in search for a new desk in his room and then watched a kid's movie at the cinema (typical date for the two of us). Were this striped shirt not made from garish costume-quality material I would have worn it out instead of swapping it for a boring black turtleneck (poking fun at Ikea Swedish designers) but the cape kept me super warm all the time anyway. I'm still in love with these shoes, they're the best and I can force them, yes FORCE them to look good with any outfit. Since I'm stuck at home and sniffly for the next week or so hopefully you'll get some more posts and stuff out of me with a mouth-watering myriad of fashion collections to go over and stuff.

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  1. I love the outfit especially the top!x