Sunday, April 14, 2013

Early Halloween

Wearing: Sweater belongs to my father, Black Milk leg bones leggings, Wittner holographic brogues.

While waiting at the bus stop at uni, a guy from the opposite side of the road made a bee line towards me, sits down at the other end of my bench, drums impressively for a little while on the aluminium furniture and starts quizzing me on whether I'm preparing extra early for Halloween. His exact words : "...So do you always dress like a Halloween skeleton?" I really wish I had my iPod earphones in at this point because although one is broken they act as an effective shield from socialising. Generally when a total stranger and male starts his sentence with 'so' in my direction I take it as a very awkward and floundering attempt. I combat all this with nervous eye aversion and praying to whichever mental god will listen to make the ordeal end.
Nonetheless, he seemed impressed with my non-chalant response of no and that I take this general attitude to wearing skeleton clothing all year round and then asks whether my shirt is similar. While I would have thought this was one of my more boring outfits it seems that the wider community of tertiary education students has yet to be introduced to Black Milk and their wonderful leggings.

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