Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Wearing: DIY crown, Asos shirt dress (bought at a garage sale), Wowch cat leggings, Jeffrey Campbell velvet platforms.

This is just one of the pieces I bought from Fashion Hayley's garage sale. I was so excited that it cost just five dollars and is an Asos piece that I totally overlooked the fact it's exactly the same as my work uniform, i.e. an umpire's shirt and I face palmed myself so hard I cried. Just kidding but seriously when I realised it was the same black and white vertical stripes it easily launched itself as the derpiest thing I have done all month. I was just totally overcome by the Beetle-juicy nature of it all... So much so I wore my 'weird girl' shirt Hamish got me just because. Weird Girl is from Tim Burton's latest movie, Frankenweenie, playing the very important role of the neighbourhood creep/ psychic and premature crazy cat lady. My goal in life is to own a white Persian cat, name him Mr. Whiskers and abandon all hope of getting married because feline companionship is by far superior.


  1. Cool outfit! I loooove your tights

  2. So happy you love the dress :) Also I was just googling the label TV and randomly found your blog, saw this post and was like woah that sweet girl from my garage sale. Loving your blog x