Monday, April 15, 2013

Azealia Banks

Basically I've been looking for a new queen to worship and I found her in an unlikely place. First off, I did not go to Future Music Festival. I was never in with that scene of kids who went out partying every weekend, hooking up who are now obsessed with going to the gym, doing "pre-drinks" out of garden hoses and goon sacks while snorting protein shacks. I fell into the void of softer, acoustic music and rhythm that wasn't generated using a computer, but the more I taste of hip hop music, GOOD hip hop the more I appreciate philosophical ideologies. I didn't have an epiphany seeing her first video clip, I think at first I was alienated by the concept. Although I'm not a fan of her music, I appreciate Azealia Banks for her brain full of big old, beautiful ideas.

It seems weird to learn about becoming deep and meaningful from the twenty-one year-old rapper goddess embodiment that is Azealia Banks but I really appreciated her recent interview with Channel V and what she had to say about Generation Y. She was a bit of a motor mouth throughout the interview, bursting with ideas and really just feeding my imagination on the positives of speaking fast. I found out using Skype that I run my words from end to end and not even my brother can understand what I'm saying but there might actually be a use for what seemed to be a detrimental aspect of conversation, although admittedly I'm very unlikely to become a prominent role model of rap music and start a revolution of lyrics on t-shirts and fantastically coloured hair.

Back to the actual important clincher that made me really respect her: handling criticism. Her words? "I don't care. Your problems with me are not my problems. Those are your problems" and regarding what she ultimately cares about is just feeling good and having great experiences that give her pleasure. I think even the three minute interview I watched allowed me to glean knowledge and in turn, pass it on to a younger friend of mine who is going through some girl issues and needed to vent. I expressed that you don't have to put labels on things and do what you're not comfortable with. Her ideologies take everything to a whole other level and just erase all the small, unimportant problems of life. Now on to conquer a whole other frontier of music and broaden my horizons; tally ho!

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