Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time Flies

Wearing: Sweater stolen from my father, gifted scarf from my boyfriend's grandmother, Asos skirt, DIY gem tights, Vans (sophie) shoes.

Following the trend of just about everyone else in the blogosphere I would like to *apologise* for the crazy amount of posts I haven't unleashed and the general quiet squalor on my little corner of the Internet. Uni has kept me pretty busy with the field trips on weekends and the lack of time to breathe and catch my breath/ feeling like I'm behind on everything but I took these photographs on a nice, sunny day which was still fairly cold. I've been waiting so long for decent Autumn weather and fundamentally, practical weather to wear layers. I loved wearing my plastic gem tights out and about, seeing someone I encountered from work just the other week who may not have recognised me one but with my jellyfish-tentacle hair that has a mind of its own loose about my shoulders. And if they did they may have realised I'm not a sports freak and that referring to our equipment as disgusting makes them the new queen of the bitch face (sorry Jimmy Fallon, but this guy was just so totally expressive). I'm juggling writing from my phone in the mornings about huge fashion collections so a humongous mood board is on its way soon I promise.

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