Sunday, March 31, 2013

Square Dance

Wearing: DIY bow, DIY body harness, western shirt from asos marketplace (Miss Lawes Adores), skirt from etsy (adVintagous) and DIY gemstone tights.

I think the strange, ethereal vibes of sunlight streaming through my window from the last decent rays of Autumn (according to the weather forecast at least) looks totally bizarre with an outfit more akin to something from a square dancing hall, but with my own unique spin on things as usual. My hair looks pretty horrible though, like I haven't washed it in weeks but I promise I am horribly unsustainable and insist on washing my hair every night- which is just as well because just about everybody insists picking it up and playing with it is acceptable at the moment since it's so damn long. I did however like the use of red and purple on these tights I re-fashioned using a hot glue gun and some craft gems, hence the very cliche outfit for today which I spiced up with some other DIY projects and in general, girly paraphernalia. If you think I look tired in these shots, just you wait till I post something that was taken after a gruelling day on campus fraught with laboratory sessions and lectures.

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