Sunday, March 10, 2013


Wearing: Vintage faux fur collar from etsy (SinkVintage), Country Road dress.

I usually try to avoid lame colour coordinating outfits as much as possible, knowing I could do so much more creatively and composition-wise with an outfit. But I just wanted to quickly show off my pink fur collar which finally arrived in the mail today! Sweaters will look a little cuter and I can snuggle into this when stuck at the movies etc plus add statement necklaces on top and brooches. Holey moley I am excited for cooler weather to finally arrive- there's been ten days of Autumn so far and we're still experiencing a heatwave of weather exceeding thirty degrees Celsius. Hence the really bad attempt at bitch-facing which I have then proceeded to cover up with strawberry sticker paraphernalia. Hopefully I can muster he courage to do some more journal entry pages and have another post showing off my irl collages.

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