Saturday, March 2, 2013


Wearing: Zara top, Cue skirt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Sorry for the huge absence from the computer all of a sudden, last Friday was Soundwave- my first music festival and what a hugely magical and transcendent experience it was! Even with my earplugs I could feel the vibrations of deep bass hitting my chest and drowning out my breathing, a deliciously dangerous experience that I already kind of miss. Post-depression is starting, but it got me in the mood to clean my room Saturday, futilely searching for things I foolishly put on eBay without knowing where they are and working more on my journal. That's another thing I have to show off since I'm really pleased with how my most recent pages have turned out! I'm becoming less of a perfectionist and just enjoying the process of making stuff at the moment, as all good things should be. And last night my boyfriend treated me to dinner, I made him eat Chinese and he didn't seem to mind and then we just bummed around and talked for like two hours. Tomorrow I start back at university and I haven't read ANY of the unit guides. Maybe I should do that soon.

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