Monday, March 4, 2013

Nerd Queen

Wearing: Perks and Mini silver fangs necklace, Iron Maiden shirt from my brother, Asos skirt, Dr Martens boots and backpack belongs to my father.

First day of uni outfit! I was actually still excited to take these photos, even surviving seven hours on campus with messy hair and a still very dark tan care of Soundwave. I think now that I'm done recapping my day and generally bitch-facing through the miracle of written text I'll explain my outfit. I tried to bitchface today and was horrified to discover I have a lot to learn. But that just spurred on my general angst. Anyway, moving on: last night in a moment of weakness I bought a pair of holographic brogues online and was so enthused about the whole situation I laid out an outfit of glittery shirt and overalls to compliment such silvery tones but when I woke up this morning I realized the cotton dungarees were far too crinkled to be seen in public and I swapped the white shirt for black Iron Maiden with a more respectable skirt and Dr Martens to satisfy the anal-standards of health and safety requirements of all science laboratories. So basically today I am Enid Coleslaw and I am loving life. Although her hair was a lot more radical than mine looks at the moment, I'll be booking a haircut this Friday as an end-of-week treat.

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