Thursday, March 14, 2013


Wearing: Wittner holographic brogues, vintage playsuit from eBay and sparkly shirt from Big W.

Sorry for having such a chronic zombie face which I then tried to edit with the wonders of vintage stickers from etsy photo shopped all over my face. That reduced the picture quality heaps though so I'll just deal with melting into the walls and generally looking like I'm sick/ a ghost. Getting back to my routine of studying science has been pretty hard on my system, but I am determined to be a little more thoughtful in my composition of outfits and take the time to execute my ideas well. These shoes are just one of the wonderful things that came in the mail for me this week and I am in love- more so now that humid weather means I can squeeze my honking feet into these amazing shoes. I wanted to put together a very angelic and serene outfit that did them justice and I have had this shirt forever (literally seven years now and it still fits me!) so I naturally had to introduce them together. The lighting of the pictures sucks though, another reminder I need a decent camera if I want to be a bit more of a serious fashion blogger and stuff. I was a little disappointed about the scratches and stuff on the material, but I paid fifty dollars all together for amazing shoes that will add a certain 'zing' to any outfit. You know what I'm talking about.


  1. Oh my hat, those shoes. THOSE SHOES. Incredible.And zombie faces are only a good thing - you look cracking :)

  2. Omg those shoes are so cooooool, I am so going to look at that website I've been looking for some new shoes..

  3. Loving the shoes! I'm all for hologram