Sunday, March 17, 2013


Wearing: Romance was Born dress, DIY Crown and Polaroid 600 Barbie camera.

I have the best part of half a day left to enjoy my weekend- yesterday was spent working, remembering why I quit playing basketball and then a 21st birthday party with costumes abound. I didn't take any photographs from last night dressed as Where's Wally with my boyfriend because I'm a horrible and unmotivated blogger but if something good pops up on Facebook you may see it later. Or I'll hoard it all to myself because I can be selfish at times. As the night went on I grew strangely attached to the thin striped material and have already thought of ways to wear the shirt sneakily in outfits. For now I show you my *very first and therefore super exciting* Romance Was Born dress that arrived in the mail last week- I admit I splurged but it was below the cost of a brand new sale item so the sale was therefore justified. It was my way of cheering up after having an absolutely gruelling two days at work, followed by an ecology field trip this morning which has resulted in very little sleep and a very grumpy Adele. I think I'm becoming less preoccupied with having hair and makeup to a certain standard for these photographs and mixing them up with other people's work, which is a nice change of pace in my blogging mindset.


  1. Omg that polaroid camera is aaawesome, where do you get all your stuff!?

  2. omg the little butterflies in your hair, I used to have those when I was little

  3. This outfit is making me feel super nostalgic. *o* I used to have that same Barbie camera & those butterfly hair clips when I was little! haha. I love it. <3