Thursday, March 14, 2013


I've finally worked out how to squeeze in my daily dose of blogging without losing a lot of time when I would otherwise be dutifully studying/ working my little heart out: my phone. Thank goodness for this little beasty from which I'm currently writing from while sitting on the bus. I'm also listening to the music of Björk for the first time proper; I borrowed an album from the local library over a month ago now but was simultaneously working through listening to about twenty other albums at the same time. Admittedly she was lower on the list of priorities or just outside the realms of my favourite radio station. So what prompted my sudden curiosity and exploration for Iceland's biggest icon? It's really rather pathetic, on the grueling commute from campus to home yesterday and impeded by the influx of high school kids on and off the bus I needed a distraction; and fast. My gaze wandered here and there, eventually settling over the shoulder of one boy with chunky headphones. I noticed an attractive charm of this individual but also an effeminate aura.

My speculation of his sexuality was confirmed by the statement "I would turn for Björk" and all at once I felt a mingling disappointment but understanding. So I guess I'm sitting here, listening for the first time to Björk to prove I have good taste in music as much as I am trying to avoid conversation and generally be ant-social. The production values remind me of Radiohead, but I suppose the comparison should really be the other way around since there is little synthesizers in the earlier tracks used and instead large tribal drums keep the beat to an almost drug-induced mood. And when synthesizers are used it's bold and bombastic. The lyrics present an ethereal narrative in fragmented pieces- the album meets many of my expectations of an Icelandic princess with powerful vocals being a master of her art. So this is what people listened to before Florence and the Machine was coined. I literally can't wait to get my hands on some more to sink my teeth into.

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  1. Great post! Im just learning to enjoy her music and art.

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