Monday, March 18, 2013


Wearing: DIY crown, Jesus singlet from asos marketplace (Vulgar), Romwe skirt, Wittner shoes.

Oh My Glob you guys I can't wait for this outfit. Just kidding, it's already happened. I'm a little sad the weather has taken such a drastic turn and I can't really show off spaghetti strap singlets anymore or vests as you crazy Americans/ Europeans/ Members of the rest of the World call them but I already plan to layer this under simple turtle neck shirts to complicate and spice up my wardrobe for the Winter months. Also there will be more bad editing since my cameras are dorkishly bad. Hope you all enjoy the amount of procrastination I'm setting aside in order to avoid the mountain of homework I need to catch up on- I'm seriously considering growing some lovely facial hair or something to avoid all this writing and summarising of notes. Blech.


  1. ho my god, that skirt and top are incredible. and very appropriate considering there's a new pope...


    1. I hadn't even thought of that! My boyfriend is Catholic but he hasn't said much about it

  2. this is so beautiful, some people find inappropriate wearing this pieces but in all honesty I find the whole outfit really beautiful

  3. i love this. there is something so awesome about wearing jesusish clothes. I really want to make a nativity scene skirt! also, ohmagod your shoes are so intergalactic and amazing!!

  4. oh my goodness, your crown is amazing, as is the whole outfit <333 YR SO KEWT i spend a lot of my time wanting to be you omgg


    let me give you hugs u r perfect