Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day

Image Source: Meadham Kirchhoff Spring/ Summer 2012 by Vrag mag

*Disclaimer: Because I had a draft of this post open after I had published it, I lost the original post content and also the sources which I have since whipped from my Tumblr liked list. I am really sorry because I have been trying to do the right thing and give credit where credit is due but I don't remember all the sources off by heart. If you are the author of something please let me know so I can fix this.

The Royal Tenenbaums, directed by Wes Anderson

Salvation Mountain, California

Image Source: The X-Files Agent Mulder

Image Source: Submarine (2010)
UGH. Stupid laptop. I just screamed profanities for two solid minutes at the top of my lungs because I am in such a rage. I had everything nice, pretty pink and perfect for Valentine's Day and now MY heart is broken because of technical issues. It's amazing how something that is meant to prevent the loss of work KEEPS DELETING MY POSTS. I think I am OK. Breathe Adele, deep breaths. As you are undoubtedly aware of, next week is the most romantic day of the calender because it's Valentine's Day. Some of you will pay no attention what so ever, some of you will become bitter and others will soak in all the heart-shaped vibes. I'll probably be in the latter group since my boyfriend has promised a surprise outing for us, and like most of his secrets they are sweet but also disturbingly predictable since we both think alike a lot of the time. Great minds think alike... Tumblr has also taken note of the holiday and some people have really splurged on pink, sequins and frosted cakes. Like I said, I don't have sources this time around but it is honestly not my fault and I am feeling grumpy about it anyway. I think my laptop is secretly narcissistic and hates me. Oh wait, I already know that. They say that hate is scorned love, but any machine that did like me would never try and vandalise my blog. Never ever.

As well as next week being Valentine's Day, it's also halfway through the month of February and then I'll be a fortnight closer to Soundwave; the biggest pun/ metal/ hardcore music festival to hit Australia but back for university. Blah! There's still so much stuff that I wanted to do and clothes to try on. It feels like the end of the world- or at least the world of sleeping in and waking up with coffee every morning. I am also losing opportunities to get closer to my license. Maybe this lovey dovey stuff isn't as great as I thought. I still hope you enjoy what images I brought together and their slightly darker side as well.


  1. Your blog is so inspiring and pretty, I love it !

    Charlie xx

  2. great photo! :)