Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Darjeeling Limited

For like the billionth time I have tried and failed to re watch The Darjeeling limited and I think I have a thing for Jason Schwartzman which kind of makes sense because he's just the lone wolf of this sassy rally party of brothers. If you don't understand how you can't watch a movie or you can try and not succeed then it usually involves putting the movie on but then doing something else that's boring like cleaning one's room or using the computer in the same room but facing the entirely different direction. So the lines and stuff I heard but a lot of the time the wit and comedic value comes from the way the film is shot since it's such a particular style for Wes Anderson the puppeteer master. Also I am missing out on the actions and reactions/ beautiful landscapes and colour schemes which is a bummer. 

I have the film on loan from the library so it feels like I only have precious time left with an elderly relative or something- they were there, I took them for granted and now I miss them when we didn't make the most of our time. So the movie was a lucky draw my mother picked up but it's a little more difficult to draw on style from the characters since the main protagonists are three men who were well tailored Western suits and leather loafers. I could try the bandages and stuff, but I threw all of mine out since I don't get hurt anymore and they were all old. I channeled some red gem on forehead action recently but that's probably as far as I'll go. Huge luggage suitcases are gorgeous when made by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton but they're hardly the suitable accessory to include in outfit posts. They were more there to be symbolic of the baggage we carry around and in particular the feelings of mourning the three held on towards their father. 

For someone like me who religiously sticks on the straight and narrow it was fascinating to see such rampant substance abuse from the three, downing and sharing pain killers, alcohol and cigarettes but I think it does give insight to the cracks in personalities people and characters have. Jack played by Jason Schwartzman, who is faulted be a broken heart and an almost clumsy compassion towards women, falling in love at first sight with a train attendant and taking her in the bathroom. It's like an underplayed walk of shame one does on an airplane. Allegedly.

Rita the stewardess was played by Amara Karan, who I first saw in a Doctor Who episode, and although she cheats on her boyfriend who the audience is intentionally angled into disliking I still had a soft spot for her. She was one of the stronger female characters in this movie. My favourite brother was Peter for being the pacifist of the lot but still quiet and brooding. His appraisal of his marriage just cuts me up; being happily married but expecting to get divorced and just lost between pregnancy and nearing fatherhood. Also I haven't seen (recognised) him from any movies and stuff before so there was just pure apathy for this tragic protagonist. Well that about raps it up from me, if you haven't seen the movie then stop reading this and acquire it to watch. See if you have a lust for exotic tea blends in the same way I did upon finishing it and who do you think was the best brother and lady in the motion picture.

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