Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Adorous and Marie Zucker

I'm slowly working through viewing the works showcased on The Adorous website and relishing feeling cultured. It's a little easier for me to mindlessly click on things rather than wade through the sea of magazines because there's somehow less guilt associated. It's like being a neglagent parent or pet owner and discovery little Fluffy knocked over their water dish hours ago. Anyway, I hate my metaphors, I peaked in delivery good metaphors. This is a nice way to do things now and there's many wonderful points to it- plus I'm finding the origin of some photographs I have already seen on the Internet that were callously posted without the origin. Sometimes I do like to explore photography, especially those starring people which seems to be the hardest for me to do myself. Everyone I know is super self-conscious, even my mother and especially my boyfriend so I can't really practice taking portraits or whatever unless their my own. In which case I can't really think clearly about techniques such as lighting since half the time I have to guess where I am in the frame. 

But anyway, there's a certain moodiness that Marie Zucker captures within her projects, a bit like grunge music video clips of Hole or The Cranberries but with contemporary grooming. I don't really come across any witchy vibes as much as I used to, say a year ago but when I do it's a bit of a special experience lusting after long and flowy dresses and smoke flares.  I scrolled through the whole Adorous site yesterday and saved a lot of my favourites, only to realise that there was little to no organisation of my system. So now I'm starting from the bottom and working my way up and selecting through artists so we can all see their themes and just how they handle their work. There's also no way I would be able to memorise and instinctively know what image came from which project so this is a more logical progression for me in my jumble of a pancake batter mind. 

The site was started by Petra Collins who has done many a collaboration with Rookie Mag and featured in their DIY crown videos but there are heaps of contributors who have the same soft focus photography style and sepia-tone drenched images. I'm really intrigued by the images that are a kaleidoscope of someone's face and whether or not a cracked lens or something was used or it was all editing work. Whatever the case, it's really beautiful and does create a magical mood. But there's not a lot of that in Zucker's body of work, instead there's simple colour themes and goddess-like women floating about in dilapidated buildings or the most serene of forest settings. Nature and beauty don't frequently crop up in classical paintings or art but after having studied poetry by John Keats they seem to naturally go hand in hand. Or perhaps I've been brain-washed and should really read more poetry when I can or save up all my first year electives for literature classes and journalism to improve my writing. 

A favourite project from what I've shown is definitely those seraph beings in a boat and wedding dresses- their like transcendent mirror images and the whole set sends shivers up my spine. I wonder whether it was actually shot on a lake with the artist cloistered to one end of a rickety paddle boat while the models poised elegantly like a tableau combined with the ease and tone of a scene from The Virgin Suicides, or for that matter, any Sofia Coppola movie. The flaky glittery eyeshadow makes me longing for Halloween: the sheer opportunity to dress like a Black Swan Ballerina and the close up of angelic material imbued in sparkles while imitating the currents of a lake disturbed by a romantic paddle is my favourite shot. I have a feeling the photographer lends her own clothes on the shoots she does with a certain lean towards shoes in the same boat as Jeffrey Campbell, dresses and nightgowns in the vain of a character from Mad Men and just a general, overall awesomeness.

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  1. this is wonderful, i loved reading what you had to say about the pictures. the pretty angels in the boats are my favourite set of pictures from here too. :-)