Monday, February 4, 2013

Socks and Sandals

Trying to think about fashion in an eloquent way is getting more difficult with such wonderful designers teeming with ideas. The collections as of late have been marvellous, but sometimes old cliches provide the fresher ideas. From the time we enter even elementary school it's a given you wear sandals or socks with shoes and don't mince ideas. However, as Tavi Gevinson so insightfully compared feminism to a discussion instead of a rule book, I think fashion can work in much the same manner. This discussion could be with others in real life, online, or as I prefer the dance of an internal monologue and generally contemplative. In one of my more recent outfit posts I really wanted to wear mushroom coloured suede sandals with Burgundy socks- so I did. 

The tran-seasonal weather left me feeling down in the dumps until I finally found a means to outwit it but still dressing and staying true to my own individual tastes. Also breathing new life into a pair of shoes that have seen better days after months and months of neglect. I think that execution of an idea is often more important than it's initial conception and finesse can make things that sound horrible on paper magical and fascinating. Not everyone can afford Burberry sandals and embellished socks, but some simple beading and thread work can make woolen socks spectacular. These are my favourite street savvy lasses wearing some of the more gorgeous combinations- and I'm hoping to spark some creativity and inspiration into my life.Whether your choices by dainty and thin socks like a very lightweight pantyhose that finishes at the ankles or the most glorious of handmade and knitted culminations I wish you well in every step of your journey whether you dabble in this trend or not.

Red seems rather popular when you're attracting attention to oneself anyway with vibrant ideas and a preppy, cheerleader formality- or in the case of the young and hip there's the collaboration between Vivienne Westwood X Melissa red wedges which seem wonderful with polka dot socks. I think that with such a new age idea classic tones such as beige, nude and red triumph and are classy rather than horrible black Velcro straps and white ankle socks more akin to that a jogger might wear. And that's to be avoided if you want something else that may be considered tacky- like a bum bag but imagined in leather which is silly but good for festivals. Not that you would ever dream of going to a music festival or concert in socks and sandals anyway.

I hope I've left you all a little food for thought and have shown you some exemplary ways in which to wear high heels when you gallivant about during the day- were I a more worldly and sophisticated woman capable of grace and dignitary then I might try it myself. But I'm not so it's sloppy and floppy sandals gathered from my own personal collection and socks from my childhood. Etsy is currently dangling many wonderful carrots in the shape of hosiery and I may just give in soon. If I can find enough money at the bottom of my bank account after a week of raucous eBay expenditure and paying horrible bills. Boring and depressing bills. If I can come out the other side of this then I'll be fine and dandy though.

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