Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simone Rocha Spring 2013

Sometimes looking is not enough. That sounds like the opening line of a very creepy movie about the predation of young women but it was meant to convey my lust for this collection and how much I want to see it in real life, first hand. When growing up in suburbia, you are taught what cotton t-shirts and denim jeans look like. That is about it as far as decadence and variety is concerned: and working your way out of this rut is something very difficult to do when all prints and patterns of interest are printed out on the same blend of fibres and it's enough to bore you to tears. I must confess that texture isn't something I have conquered yet- or considered when trying to compose the perfect outfit for the day. But it's little moments and pockets of magic like these that make me re-think and consider the importance of this quality and perspective of clothing. 

White, black, gold and surprising fluorescent tones of yellow and orange really brought to life the perforated trousers and think chunky brogues, akin to that of Prada in 2011 but without the glare of patent leather and a more naturalistic approach. It was all very chic, but with more glamor to be transformed and ushered away from the paradigm of a cheesy office setting from a C-grade television program filmed years ago. Speaking of years ago, did Simone Rocha give Mia Farrow a look in for her hair inspiration of the season? While the chopped locks and jagged fringe of the models is a little more modern and edgy than the star I speak of I was pleased to see some models exempt from the uniform chopped locks to better suit and bring out their natural beauty. As I look more closely and discern between the details of fashion shows it still rings true that models aren't Barbie dolls, they're people and they're not identical either. So why treat them all the same if they're not going to look as beautiful and radiant as they rightfully should be? I think the move is brave, but deserving of praise.

Some people in this world believe that librarians are not the custodians of the Dewy decimal system and assistants to poorly-organised essay writers everywhere- that they are in fact sexy super heroes with suppressed sexualities. Now, whether that holds with your on views of Mills and Boone's romances it doesn't apply to this situation because well, the outfit is still awesome and you can put aside any feelings or objections to the sexification (what the hell am I writing...) of women in the work place. Simone Rocha being ahead of her time? Midriff has been unofficially picked as the trend of Fall 2013 with peplums exiting stage left, but there is evolution of high-waisted skirts and low hanging hemlines puffed out into the eccentric feature in this collection too. Since I seem unable to catch on to any trend on the season and they slip like proverbial sand through my fingertips I'm going to leave peplums well alone now, focus on midriffs and the balance between knitwear and smart collared blouses with something more showy and associated with the youths of today walking hallowed school hallways. I love the irony of culminating the two together and the chic new take on showing skin- so much show I wonder if it will feature more prominently in Fall for Rocha... one can only hope.

All that glitters is not gold... but all that's gold is pretty fricken' sweet i think you'll agree. A gold suit. That seems like the plot device for a James Bond villain, but in this case it's one of my personal highlights from the Simone Rocha collection of Spring 2013. When I was fourteen and just discovery the online community of selling vintage clothing online at higher profit margins, I was fascinated with the 1980s and the colours. I have since grown up from that awkward adolescent phase and secretly vowed never to return their, but on occasion I see a shiny, 'lame' gold item of clothing whether it's a slouchy tank top of tight-hugging leggings and I sigh leaving it behind. But this is magnificent because I can indulge in my secret little fetish but in a modern way and I can even match looking like a counter-part of the Silver Surfer rejected from the Fantastic Four franchise. I have no idea why I am so in love with comic book metaphors since all I did was clean the house yesterday, but it's working for me. Mixing and matching is basically my fondest muse when it comes to fashion and I can see both the skirt and top from this look being wonderful accessories to my crimes in the fashion world, but given the choice I would try to buy both items and keep them together. It's destiny and other shit like that.

My eyes have been opened to reality where dressing in cocktail frocks and shimmery colours with embellishment isn't the only form of wearing something special that makes you feel like a witty wizard. Within each outfit and individual look there is a special pearl of wisdom to speak something about contemporary style and the changing face of fashion. The thing about the changing face kids... it's always changing but it's a revolving door of familiarity in terms of trends and fads fading in and out. Good tailoring and tasteful exertion on each piece and what Rocha chooses to bring out of each seems like a timeless quality, demanding of maturity but she really does have a good handle on her releases and also the direction in which her label is heading. I first pricked my ears to the tune of Simone Rocha's name when trawling through the Opening Ceremony website and felt immediately validated by the beautiful sights of a previous collections with similar quirky twists and a little more perspex. That's been replaced with gold to make the Mayans glower with envy- in terms of the accessories line.  

Black mesh is full of mixed metaphors I've decided. For one thing, being a sporty girl and having played basketball for six years in a uniform that was primarily black I think of an easy-breathing material that attempts to alleviate the natural phenomena of sweating. Secondly, I think of my umpire uniform and oppression. Cheers to all the angry nutcases that have had a crack at me and thought they can tell me how to do my job because I am wearing a striped shirt that evokes anger in the hearts of many. Lastly, I think of the 1990s grunge scene and scruffy looking hair- and to that affect Girls in which Hannah the main protagonist goes to a New York nightclub and swaps shirts with a guy she dances with at some stage. So, basically I see black mesh and half the time I don't know how to feel. And certainly don't see it as a chic and sophisticated canvas to an outfit, but then Simone Rocha drops this little slice of fried gold in her collection like a bomb and those prior associations are slowly melting away. After years and years of a routine revolving around basketball and going to a stadium for three times a week for how ever many years they won't be eradicated instantly, but I do appreciate the slick new take on it and the arousing semi-sheer curtain. Fashion isn't always about attracting attention from the opposite sex, but I think being provocative does peak interest during a collection and timing is imperative to its effectiveness.

DEAR SANTA CLAUSE: YES IT'S ONLY FEBRUARY BUT LISTEN CLOSELY. I love this outfit. I love this outfit very dearly despite not having met it in real life and I can almost empathise with couples who meet online in this day and age of data exchange and the Internet. While I would like to be dubbed Sir Mix n' Match a lot of the round table by King Arthur himself I adore this outfit and the bright, unapologetic but pleasantly in your face nature of this combination. The jacket looks so loose and comfortable it's like a loving gentlemen has swung it around the model's shoulders during the rain or at a poetic moment of a movie. The skirt is like a ray of sunshine stuffed with kittens and rainbows- I firmly believe in colour being used as a means to convey symbolism in literature (to the delight of my teachers no doubt) but yellow does make me think of happier times. not that I'm unhappy now, but knowing I am missing out on such a fantastic skirt does make one feel a little mad deep down in the soul. The scalloped hemline which accommodates for the shape of the flowers is crazy good, and that bag. Oh my god it's like I've died and gone to heaven. It's not the first I've seen of perspex bags stretched around a bright colour but it is the firmest structure I have seen. The straps are simple but compliment the boxy shape and the scalloped edge finished with a laser point to match the skirt at such a perfect height took my breath away. I am bursting at the seams with brownie points at the moment.

The finale was in keeping with the dainty and impressive floral embroidery material, but a twist on what soon became an old favourite. This jacket has been seen on the very fashionable Susana Lau of Style Bubble and I feel pretty jealous since with so much room in an umbrella of a coat in spring colours there's quite a lot of space creatively to move and take the piece in different directions. I can remember why orange used to be my favourite colour with such vibrant life sparking from this coat and skirt duo. Simon Rocha has a lot to be proud of from this release of outfits and trademark thread of her design hand in each. She's showcasing who she is to us as a designer and has done herself proud. Now all that's needed is to find some of these gems on eBay and I'll be set until the next show and counting the moments.

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