Sunday, February 17, 2013


So all throughout my crappy weekend of being a work-a-holic Sia along with her good pal David Guetta have been meandering around in the background on the radio and just about everywhere. More poppy and upbeat works such as Titanium and She-wolf which really don't focus on the soulful lyrics this artist is capable of, but instead the build-up of a solid beat. So I thought we should all pay some mad props to Sia herself because I'm tired and sleep-deprived, so therefore this all seems like a really good idea. Even though what I really need is a seven-year-long nap. Also it's about time I posted these images and praised her for being a creative goddess with cute cropped blond hair and a state of ephemeral childhood elements.

She's an Australian and hence already immediately likable in my eyes, but has managed to stay true to her vision of self-expression through music. It's a shame she doesn't have the strong, ochre accent my country is known for but perhaps it makes her image all the more sweet and endearing. Anyway, I really sat up and payed attention after watching her video clip for "You've changed" which has a more, stereotypical American, photo day for yearbook in the 1980s vibe, but is still totally adorable and has a valid point on surviving through high school without Holden Caulfield's ghost telling you you're a phony. Also when you're above the age of twenty and you choose to feature childishly drawn album art with Crayola textas because of a creative direction that is bound to earn some positive attention too. There have been a ton of famous collaboration, awards and scores written for other musicians and just continuous work from this lovely lady- even though her own profile has been significantly down-played within more recent months.

It does my heart good to see someone successful and reaching international acclaim from our little island, blotted in the middle of a vast ocean and often forgotten about by other's but I wish she had stuck around to prove to myself and others you can spit out some amazing ideas in a place that seems like an endless stretch of suburbia and outback scrub land. Because... well I would like to one day be described as a colourful genius or something along those lines but still continue to live in Australia and connect with people who also have good ideas and can express themselves or something like that. Anyway, the point is: Dear Sia, come back to play some more shows in your native Australia, we miss you.

*All images found via Google

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