Saturday, February 2, 2013


Wearing: DIY gingham top, Denim jacket from my brother, DIY crown, denim shorts from Asos Marketplace (badwolfvintage) and pink Dr Martens boots. Rose bouquet bought from the thrift store.

Everyone else seems to be complaining about going back to school and here I am enjoying the house to myself and wearing lots of floral accents. University doesn't have me returning back and hitting the books for another solid month so in the mean time I get back into part time work, watching arty movies borrowed from the library and playing with my wardrobe. Huzzah! Although I should probably watch what I say, because soon I'll too be dragged back into my normal routine like the hapless soap suds after a long and relaxing bath and thrown into the deep end of Biology laboratory sessions and playing with microscopes- which I am no good at. On the plus side there will be more friends and stuff to make and I can actually try to text old high school buddies to see when they're free to hang out as well. Until all that happens I need to stock up on some more hot glue gun refills and figure out how to best make these little pink rose buds into yet another crown. I want more glitter and unicorns this time around and to improve upon the eccentric mood of a youthful teenager.

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  1. Cute crown :) And oh man I am so glad I don't go back for another month too! But unlike you part time work has me swamped ):