Monday, February 25, 2013

Rookie Melbourne Meetup

On Sunday there was a bit of an impromptu and very small, cute, low-key Rookie Mag Meet Up for my city of Melbourne on the steps of the state library. The identifiable uniform was flower crowns, DIY brooches and alphabet bead bracelets. Everyone was all very nice but it was a little awkward at times- it opened my eyes to how old the Rookie fan base is generally within Australia, which is interesting in comparison to the number of American blogs I follow where thirteen and fourteen year-old girls cite themselves as feminists as a consequence of the Rookie following.

I was very glad not to get sunburned while sitting outside for several hours and found strength in dressing eccentrically with my sisters while some people threw us some very strange looks. It also adequately prepared me for the daunting task of O-Week celebrations at university and helping out the new students with fun activities and whatnot.


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun! :) Rookie Mag rocks! <3

  2. it was a tiny bit awkward, you guys were pretty big and scary. But it was cool to see everyone who reads Rookie. And yes, I thought more people would be my age.
    I didnt't get sunbrunt either!!!!