Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wearing: Iron Maiden band shirt from my brother,  thrifted red tartan pants, Black Milk leg bones leggings and Opening Ceremony X Chloe Sevigny buckle wedge boots.

DIY Crown, Heart earrings free from a magazine, felt rabbit brooch from etsy (hannaletters),
thrifted My Little Pony charm necklace, red beaded bracelet a gift from my Mum, Marc Jacobs guitar watch.I put this outfit together last night and I was practically bursting this morning to put it on and show it off- not even the unexpected rain could drown my spirits. Yesterday I went thrift store shopping and bought a My Little Pony charm and figurine for 50 cents from one place, and then seven candles and these pants for five dollars in another. Even buying cheap little things can elevate my spirits and create some interesting outfits. I'm still obsessed with the forehead jewel thing after watching the Darjeeling Limited, but there's definitely some British Punk influences creeping in there, especially in the form of Iron Maiden. It's exactly one month until Soundwave where I can buy some cool t-shirts of my own and stop borrowing my brother's. I'm super excited.

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