Monday, February 11, 2013

Rachel Comey Pre-Fall 2013

I have a confession to make everyone: even though I've been in the midst of collecting colour themed images and collaging I have secretly been admiring the bold statement of black and white. In particular I've been mooning over contrast printed dresses and sweaters in all kinds of strange patterns as new classics- maybe nods towards colder weather and the shows from New York fashion week are finally getting to me- or with the call of university looming over my I'm having schoolgirl style withdrawl. I certainly get scholarly vibes when sensible mid-length hosiery socks are worn with white blouses and black skirts. Which is also easy to do if you have a pair of scissors and some old, laddered tights laying about but yeah, I don't have that either. 

For those who love their basics from luxurious designers I think Rachel Comey does the style well- as shown from her photo shoot for Pre-Fall. Well tailored pants and knee length leather boots suggest the wonders of the office world and personal assistants, in addition to farm hands and the country life. Ah yes, simplifying things can be a breathe of fresh air amongst all the heat of patterns and textures. If I ever do have to dress conservatively in the name of professionalism then I know where to look and what to look for- but for someone eclectic there is also the irrestistible urge to customise with lace finishing, badges and buttons, maybe even tinsel hanging off the hemlines of skirts. You all think I'm joking- but I'm really not.There's a lot that can go wrong I guess if you've never tried before so maybe starting with an expensive brand isn't such a good idea, but you get the general picture of how these understated and minimalist pieces can be the building blocks of a wardrobe. Also good things to wear when making first impressions and perhaps even running off to job interviews.

The leather is a little racy and although I normally don't associate knee length boots and skirts as being fashionable- it's done well here. I suppose too many of the commuters running to and from the train station I live near give me the heebie jeebies when their outfits are just a little too off-putting: clashing but not clashing enough for me. What I really adore from this hide is the slacks- unlike vintage leather pants you are likely to find from the 1980s with high waists and a large emphasise on the seat of the pants. They're not large and cushy looking either like motorcycle pants and firmly pant their flag within the realm of fashion. I'll be on the look out for them for sure.

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